Saturday, November 26, 2011

Black Friday, No Thanks.

I didn't participate in the madness that is "Black Friday." I never have and I probably never will. This year instead of all that craziness, I went Geocaching! It wasn't raining on Friday, but it had the night before. Things were very wet....


Black Friday Geocaching

...And Muddy.

...So even though these pictures suck, I'm glad I brought along my crappy point and shoot and not my dSLR!

We were in the middle of nowhere as usual:

We found 11 caches in the shape of an 11. The one there on the side was a mystery cache that you could find after completing the other caches. The series was placed on 11/11/11 ;-)


They were all fairly easy caches - there aren't many hiding places in these parts. The mystery cache was large enough for travel bugs, so I got to leave the ones I picked up in Florida.

Black Friday Geocaching Black Friday Geocaching
After the 11, we headed to the nearby town, and snatched up a couple more. I ended up with 16 finds and two DNFs.

Much better than standing in line and battling the crowds! What did you do Black Friday? Did you shop or do something else?


  1. We've done Black Friday the past few years when we were living in a small town and the only place to go was Walmart (and then we didn't get out 'til 9 AM) but now that we're in a big city, we didn't want to bother with all the crowds. I did go to Joann's yesterday evening to buy yard but it wasn't on sale so I don't think that really counts!

  2. I am SO jealous! I need to get out geocaching soon. And I need to get rid of these travel bugs I've been holding hostage!

  3. I think that first picture is pretty cool!
    I went out shopping on Friday - but I waited until 10:30 in the morning because I can't deal with all that craziness!

  4. me black friday for me...ever! i don't like shopping THAT much...and i don't like crowds either!

    and even though i've never done geocaching either...that sounds like WAY MORE fun!! :)

    your 'wet' picture is cool...the muddy one...well, reminds me of getting stuck in the muck and i can almost here that suction sound as you try to take a step!!

  5. I did Black Friday ONCE and said never again. Geocaching was a much better idea. We've been really busy and caching has slowed down a bit - I need my caching fix!

  6. Great post!
    We finally bought a TV! I've been holding out for months since ours was struck by lighting in late summer.
    BUT, your geocaching adventure looks way more fun!

  7. We were geocaching on the North Country Trail with the dogs. Six miles with four finds. The weather was as good as it gets for November in the northeast, blues skies and temps in the 50's. I've never done Black Friday. The crowds don't interest me.