Sunday, November 20, 2011

El Tour de Tucson

Every year on the Saturday before Thanksgiving the Tour de Tucson takes place here in and around Tucson. 9,000 bicyclists ride their bikes around town for fundraising purposes. All skill levels participate and they had the choice of doing a 111, 85, 60 or 42 mile ride. The 111mile ride runs through our neighborhood, and for the first time in the few years I've been here, I went out to catch a glimpse.

I really wanted to see the leaders of the race, so we walked out to where they would be passing by, put up our lawn chairs and waited. After about 30 minutes or so they cam zooming by. The guy in the blue, Eric Marcotte, ended up winning the race for the second time in a row.
Front Runners

We hung around for a while and watched other groups of people go by, and the occasional lone rider. I'd hate to be out riding alone. It think it'd be a lot easier to keep pace and motivation within a pack of other riders...

El Tour de Tucson

El Tour De Tucson

Three and four hours later we were still seeing people ride by while we were out and about for luch and running other errands. The more "serious" riders in the front had police escorts and could pass through the intersections with ease. Even though there were police officers directing traffic, the later riders had to stop at the intersections when instructed.

It was neat to go out and see some of the riders f the Tour de Tucson. I'll probably have to go out an see them every year now! 

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  1. I love biking events! In my area we use more of a natural approach with mountain bikes climbing ski slopes.
    The pictures are great!
    Nice coverage of the event.