Saturday, November 12, 2011

#Geocaching in Florida


While I was in Florida I had to do some geocaching. One more state to add to my list (13 so far)! The lighthouse above was a virtual I found on Sanibel Island.

Right below the lighthouse there was a little sign explaining how the lighthouse came to be:


...And right next to the sign - was a benchmark!

Score! Two for one. Actually, make that three for one. The lighthouse was a benchmark too! There was also a cache nearby, but I missed it because I didn't know which one was the virtual and which one was the traditional cache on my gps! Doh. What I wouldn't give for an upgraded unit...

So in all I got 1 virtual, 1 earthcache, 2 benchmarks, and 5 traditional caches.


Not too bad. I would have liked to gone after some caches that in involved hiking, but it was either too mosquito infested, too wet (we got some good rains while we were there), too humid, or too expensive (the state park was 8 bucks and there was only one cache).... The motivation wasn't really there to get any more, but I'm sure I'll be back ;-)

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  1. On our trip west this year, we added Illinois, Iowa, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Nebraska...All traditional caches as Hubby doesn't like the virtual ones...Missed a few along the highway when you're past them before you even realize they're there...

  2. Sanibel Island is one of my favorite vacation locations. I LOVE it there. There's lots of good caches on the island too. I can't wait to go back there.

  3. My Aunt lives in Sanibel, heard it is amazing.

  4. i've started doing challenges I am standing there trying to look like i am waiting on someone rather than having my photograph taken next to a police box or at the police station lol good fun though,
    that almost looks like my gps although Santa has ordered and it arrived this week a new gps, hooray, my old one was bought second hand from Ebay but it has done well in the year i have been geocaching, hopefully i will be able to go "paperless". So far I have cached in Scotland/England/Wales/Canada and hopefully in the near future caches/challenges in OZ/Singapore/Dunbai but we will see if i manage caches in these countries !