Monday, November 14, 2011


A little guy I know is turning ONE! Of course I had to make him some handmade gifts... I found this cute fox pattern on InnerHooker's shop on Etsy. It is my first completed crochet project.

Hat Complete!

I think the one ear got knocked a little crooked before taking this shot.... As you can see I gave him my lens cap to hold. It gave me that one extra second to take the shot before he ripped the hat off and charged the camera!

I also made a couple of shirts. I'm getting pretty good at making these things really quickly.


Since Thanksgiving is coming up I decided to make one Thanksgiving themed- It's a pilgrim hat!

Pilgrim Hat


  1. That hat is so cute - and so is the model!

  2. They do move fast don't they...he looks good in the hat...

  3. You get so much done...and here I sit! grrr

    You know I love that darned hat!!!

  4. Nice work on the hat- I wish I could make those. ADORABLE baby!

  5. Thanks guys! I had a lot of fun making it (and learning how to make it!!)