Thursday, November 3, 2011


Have you ever been hunting for shark teeth? I didn't even know you could.. until I visited Venice, Florida. Don't worry I wasn't out in the water wrestling sharks with a pair of pliers... apparently sharks loose their teeth quite often - another thing I didn't know!
Sharks of all species continually shed their teeth and grow new ones. They have 40 or more teeth in each jaw. Behind the functional rows or teeth are seven other rows of teeth developing into mature dentures to replace teeth as they are shed or lost. In ten years, an average Tiger shark can produce as many as 24,000 teeth. (source)
To hunt for for shark teeth... it is best to be in a location that happens to have a ton of them. We were in Venice, Florida near Caspersen Beach.

Venice Beach, FL

One of these shark teeth finding tools will help too. Go for the smaller one if you buy one at a local souvenir shop, they are much easier on the back! This one cost around $10.

Hunting for Shark Teeth

The best place to look for the teeth is right past where the water meets the dry sand. Somewhere between ankle and knee deep.


Basically, all you do is take your tool/sifter/strainer thing and scoop up some shell/sand mixture at the bottom. Swish it through the water a couple of times to get rid of the sand and small bits of sand. Then you look through what is left and hope you find a shark tooth!

Hunting for Shark Teeth

We found a nice little collection!

Hunting for Shark Teeth

Have you ever found anything interesting on the beach before?


  1. I never knew people did this. Looks like fun!

  2. Cool! I've found fossil sharks teeth but never recent ones.

    At the beach in Devon I found some sea glass which was pretty cool (I would love to find some more!) and on the banks of the Thames I found an old clay pipe (it would've been against the law to pick it up so I just took a photo). My husband didn't believe me (he thought it was just a weird stick) until I showed him a clay pipe in a museum a few days later.

  3. AWESOME post! I love it! I would love to go shark tooth hunting. I want some! Not to mention spending some time in Florida would be great too!
    Thanks for sharing....

  4. Wow, you got lots! I've never seen one of those little sifter tools before, but it looks like it'd be great just to find cool looking shells, too.

  5. Great article! Next month we are going to FL and now i know what to ask locals about :)

  6. We went shark tooth hunting in Englewood last May. It was well worth the drive up from Sanibel. We had an awesome day at the beach there and found tons of sharks teeth.

  7. Check out my friend Karens blog - I call her the "Shark's tooth Queen."

    You also may enjoy my post from the day we were there:

  8. oh yeah...venice beach is known for that. when i lived farther south, we used to find them all the time at Apollo beach...i've even found sharks teeth here in FL in DRY areas...these teeth are from when florida was UNDER WATER!!
    it's so exciting to find the sharks teeth!! i look every time we end up at the coast!
    you collected some really cool ones!!!! :)

  9. @Mari, me either!

    @Cat, I don't think these are "recent" ones either. I think I read somewhere that there aren't nearly as many sharks in the area as before.

    @BloodHounded, It was great, you'll have to try it sometime! There is an earthcache and a couple other caches nearby to ;-)

    @Jessi, not only did we use it for the shells, I found a couple of critters, and we caught a couple little minnow type fish!

    @Marcis, It's worth checking out!

    @Kim, awesome, I will have to check out her blog!

    @Laura, now that is awesome, finding the nowhere near where the water is now!!!