Monday, November 7, 2011

Latest Craft Project

For the second part of my trip to Florida I met up with my friend, Tiffany, in the Ft. Myers area. We were able to stay at her parents house while we were both visiting. It was a lot cozier than staying in a hotel and a money saver, as we were able to eat a lot of our meals at the house. I wanted so send some sort of "thank you" to her parents for letting us stay at the house.... So I decided on making some hand towels. 

Tiffany helped me pick out the pattern and I got to work on the towels as soon as I got back to Arizona. They only took me a few days to stitch up and were rather easy. I think these would be a great handmade Christmas gift for anyone looking to make some! All you need are some old fashioned flour sack towels, an iron on pattern, some embroidery floss, a hoop and a needle! I used the stem stich on these towels.

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