Sunday, December 11, 2011


After a 5 question interview, submitting my fingerprints, getting some hair snipped off for a drug test, taking a lie detector test, peeing in a cup and two TB tests.... I have a new job. After this week I will be leaving the wonderful world of nannying (no, I'm not being sarcastic - I loved it) and joining the "regular" workforce.

I'm excited for a new change and step in the right direction career wise. However, I'm really really really going to miss wearing sweatpants and T-shirts everyday. I'm going to miss the money too! Nannying had way more hours to offer. I'm hoping to still work on the weekends and possibly some evenings to make some extra cash and see the kiddos I'm going to miss so so soo much (just thinking about that makes me want to cry!).

The only thing that sucks about this new job is that I've practically had to buy myself a whole new wardrobe. Scratch that, just a wardrobe period.... I didn't have much of one to begin with! I still only have 2 pairs of dress pants, so I need to look for some more. Blah, I HATE shopping.

On a more positive note, I'm really looking forward to having a more regular work schedule. As soon as this new job starts I plan on packing ALL my lunches and making them all HEALTHY. It won't be as easy to run to McD's for lunch or snack all day in general.

New job, new habits, new year!! Though I start this job and work the last 2 weeks of 2011... I would just like to say....

Bring it on 2012!!


  1. Congratulations! You're going to rock 2012. It's going to be an awesome year :)

  2. Congrats on the new job - how exciting! Can you tell us what it is? I like the idea of healthy lunches and you'll be glad you do that too. I don't like shopping either, but hey, new clothes are always fun! Best of luck!

  3. You KNOW how excited I am for you. I expect you'll just fly thru 2012!!

  4. Congrats on the new job!

  5. Congratulations! It's so exciting to start a new anything! Best of luck to you. I know you'll be great at just about anything!
    Don't forget where you came from and never burn any bridges is my best advise looking back.
    Go get-em!

  6. Congrats EJ! Way to go!

    Packing your lunch, the night before!, is the way to be. Everyone in the office eats out everyday and it's tempting.

  7. YIKES!! whare are you going to work...the CIA?? i really hate the fact that we have to go through all that 'testing'...for a JOB!!

    well...CONGRATULATIONS!! i hope you LOVE it after giving them your hair, pee, blood.... haha

    no really...i'm happy for ya!! :)