Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Year in Review

In January one of my photos made the Flickr Blog. That same day, January 8th 2011, tragedy struck Tucson. 6 people were shot to death, 13 wounded by gunfire. About 2 weeks later I visited one of the makeshift memorials. I also hiked 7+ miles to a waterfall and visited Boothill Graveyard in Tombstone.

In February I found my 500th geocache and attempted to make a Lemon Meringue Pie. It also snowed in the desert and I walked across Tucson's famous bridge!

In March I was a little geocache crazy. I found my 600th geocache, went geocaching on a bicycle, and geocached my first "shape."

In April I went to a Postcrossing meet-up and visited an abandoned mine.

In May I made some felt food, shared my bed with an ugly creature, spotted a bobcat in the back yard, and walked an average of 1.29 miles a day!

In June I made a LOT of stuff, found my 700th geocache in the dark, and saved a rabbit.

In July I celebrated my 5th anniversary of my blog, went nuts, and PhotoShopped my sister.

In August I hunted and killed scorpions, made some snail mail and some shirts.

In September I made a "Find It" game and some snow-globe postcards. I also taught my self how to crochet!

In October I found 105 geocaches in 1 day, participated in the World-Wide Photo Walk, and carved pumpkins with Brandy and my sister Sara.

In November I posted more about my trip to Florida in October... I went shark tooth hunting and saw some alligators. I finished my first crochet project and  my first embroidery project. On Black Friday, I went geocaching!

In December I only posted 8 times, eek! My friends Amber and Stephanie visited from Ohio. I got a new job ... and I haven't had much to blog about lately, but I'm hoping that changes in 2012 ;-)


  1. Sounded like a great year. Best wishes for 2012 and good luck on the new job!

  2. Busy girl ;-)
    Happy New Year.
    We are just back this afternoon from England where we brought in the new year with one of our daughters and her husband and 2 little girls. I took my daughter out to complete some challenges as she hadn't done any before, and it is months since she geocacher.

  3. You have always impressed me with your prolific blog updates and 90% of what you post is totally awesome! The other 10% is just really, really, really good!I think you are fantastic and I am your biggest fan! Happy New Year Erika! Thank you for inspiring all of us!

  4. Happy New Year! You were a lot quicker on posting your 2011 roundup. I'm still trying to figure out my pictures from!