Monday, August 29, 2011

This is Way Better Than Snipe Hunting!

Over my time here in AZ I've run across several scorpions IN the house. We even have a guy come to spray for scorpions every month and we still find them. Just last week there were four in the house. Three of which were found by me, two of them on the same day! Ahhh. I loath these creepy creatures.

The bug guy came today and sprayed inside and out as usual.... but I'm not leaving up to him anymore! I went to Walgreens this evening and picked up an hand-held black-light flashlight. Here in Arizona they sell them right up at the counter. Specifically for scorpion hunting! How convenient!

I joined my mom and her husband Dan out on the back porch when I got back from the store. I showed them what I got. Just when I started getting depressed that I didn't see any....


There one was! BRIGHT I couldn't believe how brightly they glowed.


As soon as I spotted the first one, Dan ran to get the scorpion spray. We ended up searching for and killing scorpions around the whole back and front yard. I held the flashlight, Dan did the shooting. Most of them were on the cinder block wall around our yard and right under the bushes.

Here is one spazzing out after getting sprayed...


In all, we killed 8!

8 less scorpions that will make it in the house! Yey!!!

Die suckahsssss!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Snail Mail Brings Smiles!

If I have any down time during the day, I usually read... But lately I've been making postcards! Yes more postcards. Some are for swaps, some are just to make people smile, and some are for my regular send-outs.

This robot went to Russia. To a 12 year old girl that likes to sew!
Do "The Robot"
(I know, I shouldn't have used white.... you can see right through it!)

These were all done for a handmade swap in the forums. The theme was fiber. So anything with cloth and stitching and whatnot worked!

This one was done for a crafty postcard swap with Chandlerguera. I don't think I've ever sent a handmade postcard to someone in the same state as me. So that was kind of neat! Her Postcrossing profile said she liked fishing. I don't think she'll ever catch a fish quite like this...

This fish postcard is a little different because it has instructions on the back...

Why? Because there is a note inside!

I did the same thing for a postcard I sent to one of my Flickr contacts in New Zealand.

Camera Postcard

I decided to send her a postcard because she is so nice, always commenting on my pictures and the postcards I make... and I wanted to send her something in return. Since Flickr is a photography related site, I thought a camera would be appropriate! (I don't think she reads this blog, so I hope I'm not spoiling it by posting this here!!)

Camera Postcard
I got the camera stitching template here.

I think the camera and the fish are my favorites! They are both stitched onto stiff white glittery felt. which.... I did not know is made from 100% post consumer recycled plastic bottles. In-fact ALL the felt I have bought from Michaels is the same eco-fi felt. See: The Tale of Eco-Fi or the PDF from the manufacturer.

Oh yeah,

Friday, August 19, 2011

My First Thoughts Geocaching Challenges

Geocaching Challenges are off and running over on As soon as I noticed they were there - I accepted and completed my first challenge.

The challenge was to "Kiss a Frog." (It has since been archived, and I can't link to it)

So I did.

I Kissed a Frog and I Liked it.
Challenge complete!

I've browsed some of challenges. Some seem great... and some seem... eh, well they could used some work. I definitely think the Challenges still need a bit of refining and there doesn't seem to be much of a review process, other than being able to flag the challenge and vote it down.

I am excited to see what happens with them and see what future challenges people come up with... There are no current challenges in my area - perhaps I will come up with a few myself!

DIY T-Shirt

For anyone wondering this is a silhouette of Signal the Frog.

There is a wonderful tutorial (written be yours truly) on how to make this T-Shirt over on Even though I did sew mine - you can make this one without a sewing machine. All that is needed is a t-shirt, extra fabric, iron on adhesive and an iron! Also, keep in mind its a tutorial on how to make a shirt - not just a geocaching shirt. I made these recently using the same method:


Well, what are you waiting for? Hop on over and have a look!

P.S. If you do decide to do the sewing part, and your shirt is on the stretchy side, a piece of tear away stabilizer underneath works great! I didn't need any for the signal shirt, but used it with the kid shirt and onesies above.

Click here for more geocaching shirt ideas by ErikaJean. (My favorite is the TB shirt!)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Seak Peek at #Geocaching Challenges

Is anyone else excited about this new feature? It reminds me very much of a scavenger hunt - a scavenger hunt that I want to play! I can't wait until lets us in on the details!

Until we know more, what kind of photo and action challenges do you think we'll see? Give me one action and one photo challenge idea.

Get a picture of yourself kissing the blarney stone?
Hike the Appalachian trail?

I'm thinking it's another good excuse to check a few things off your bucket list!

Keep your eye on Latitude 47 and the FB page for more.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

One Tough Chick

Remember how I introduced my sister to all of you a few weeks ago?

Well, She's back.

Unfortunately she's falling and not flying in this one.

I told you she was one tough SOB.

Love you sis and glad you survived. P.S. If I know you at all, you have already sent this into Americas Funniest Videos to have your chance at the $100,000 grand prize.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Doodle-E-Doo it's a Saturday Doodle

Musical Stick People

Book Review - The Help

ErikaJean gave 5 of 5 stars to:
The Help
by Kathryn Stockett

Book Description:
Three ordinary women are about to take one extraordinary step.

Twenty-two-year-old Skeeter has just returned home after graduating from Ole Miss. She may have a degree, but it is 1962, Mississippi, and her mother will not be happy till Skeeter has a ring on her finger. Skeeter would normally find solace with her beloved maid Constantine, the woman who raised her, but Constantine has disappeared and no one will tell Skeeter where she has gone.

Aibileen is a black maid, a wise, regal woman raising her seventeenth white child. Something has shifted inside her after the loss of her own son, who died while his bosses looked the other way. She is devoted to the little girl she looks after, though she knows both their hearts may be broken.

Minny, Aibileen’s best friend, is short, fat, and perhaps the sassiest woman in Mississippi. She can cook like nobody’s business, but she can’t mind her tongue, so she’s lost yet another job. Minny finally finds a position working for someone too new to town to know her reputation. But her new boss has secrets of her own.

Seemingly as different from one another as can be, these women will nonetheless come together for a clandestine project that will put them all at risk. And why? Because they are suffocating within the lines that define their town and their times. And sometimes lines are made to be crossed.

In pitch-perfect voices, Kathryn Stockett creates three extraordinary women whose determination to start a movement of their own forever changes a town, and the way women—mothers, daughters, caregivers, friends—view one another. A deeply moving novel filled with poignancy, humor, and hope, The Help is a timeless and universal story about the lines we abide by, and the ones we don’t.

My Thoughts:
If you haven't read this yet - WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! This has got to be one of the best books I've read in a long time. Go read it - quick, before the movie comes out.

I'll definitely be seeing the movie and comparing! Can't wait. I'm sure you've seen it already, but in case you haven't, here is the trailer...

Rating System
= Didn't Like It
=It Was OK
= I Liked It
= I Really Liked It
= It Was Amazing