Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treat!

The Queen Fairy and her Kid-Sister Sidekick!

Trick ot Treat!

I was totally rocking the stick on earrings!

I hope everyone has a Happy Halloween, I'll be spending a good portion of the day flying on my broom stick in an airplane!

NaBloPoMo starts tomorrow so you will be seeing a post from me EVERYDAY in November!!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Pumpkin Carvin' Time

My pumpkin sucked this year. I didn't have the proper carving tools or time to print off any templates.... but I still had a fun time carving mine with Sara and Brandy - and that is what counts!


We spread out a tarp in their back yard. We took photos, carved, took photos, carved and so on....


My favorite part has GOT to be the GUTS! I love the ewwey gooey sliminess!

Pumpkin Guts!

More Pumpkin Guts!

Brandy roasted the seeds, and I can't stop eating them! Mmm. She made one batch with just salt, and on batch with salt and garlic. Delicious!

I tried taking pictures of my pumpkin, but I just didn't have it in me to get a good shot. I stole this one from my sister (thanks Sis!). We stuck sparklers in the eyes.


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Thanksgiving.... on a Sandwich!

Who needs to wait until November for Thanksgiving?! I flew into Orlando late Saturday night and my sister Sara and her girlfriend Brandy took me to Pom Pom's. My sister told me not to eat anything and promised a great sandwich. She fulfilled her promise 110%.

The picture does not do the sandwich justice. Just imagine your thanksgiving dinner and shove it into a hot pressed sandwich with a side of gravy.... MMMmmmm. Is your stomach growling yet?!

Mama Ling Ling’s ThanksgivingTurkey, Ginger Cranberry Chutney, Gouda, Stuffing,
Mashed Potato, Cream Cheese & Side of Gravy.


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Book Review

gave to:
Jesus Land: A Memoir
by Julia Scheeres

Book Description:
Sinners go to: HELL. Rightchuss go to: HEAVEN. The end is neer: REPENT. This here is: JESUS LAND.

Julia Scheeres stumbles across these signs along the side of a cornfield while out biking with her adopted brother, David. It's the mid-1980s, they're sixteen years old and have just moved to rural Indiana, a landscape of cottonwood trees and trailer parks-and a racism neither of them is prepared for. While Julia is white, her close relationship with David, who is black, makes them both outcasts. At home, a distant mother-more involved with her church's missionaries than with her own children-and a violent father only compound their problems. When the day comes that high-school hormones, bullying, and a deep-seated restlessness prove too much to bear, the parents send Julia and David to the Dominican Republic-to a reform school there.
In this riveting memoir, first-time author Scheeres takes us with her from the Midwest to a place beyond our imagining. Surrounded by natural beauty, the Escuela Caribe is governed by a disciplinary regime that demands its teens repent for their sins under boot-camp conditions. Julia and David's determination to make it through with heart and soul intact is told here with immediacy, candor, sparkling humor, and not a note of malice.

My Thoughts:
I liked the first half of this book a lot more than the second. In the second half the two main characters are in a reform school and the horrible tales seem to repeat themselves. Overall though, a decent book... that made me cry a few times... Easy quick read.

Rating System
= Didn't Like It
=It Was OK
= I Liked It
= I Really Liked It

Monday, October 17, 2011

Breaking Records and Reaching Milestones

Last weekend was a big geocaching weekend for me. Not only did I find my 800th geocache... I found 105 geocaches in one day. While that may seem like a lot... it's nothing. The two people I went with have found 500+ in one day! And I'm sure they will beat their records when the do the ET at the end of the month.

Sadly I didn't take many pictures. We were constantly hopping in and out of the car, and a lot of the caches were the same. While I know many people aren't fans of numbers runs, I did have a lot of fun. The road trip, company and love of the game make it all worth it! I don't think I have any goals of beating my 105 record though. I was ready to go home around #70 ;-)

All our finds were about two hours away from Tucson. We were in the Scottsdale/Fountain Hills area near Phoenix. Cache to cache we traveled a total of 55.5 miles over 6 hours and 56 minutes.

Click photo to download kml to view in Google Earth

Most of the caches were right off the side of the road. Some we could see before even getting out of the car, some we had to do some searching. While I enjoyed Saturday, I think that the number runs are much more appealing to me if there is some better scenery. Comparing the "number runs" I've done. I much preferred the Blinky Series in the middle of the desert and the drive up Pinal Peak.

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Book Review

ErikaJean gave to:
Black Hole
by Charles Burns

Book Description:
Black Hole, the epic graphic novel by Charles Burns, orbits around the twin teenage mysteries of sex and drugs as the spiral arms of the Milky Way revolve around the black hole at the galaxy's center. Set in mid-1970s Seattle, Black Hole tells the story of adolescents struck by a mysterious, sexually-transmitted disease that changes them in unpredictable ways. Some break out in boils or bumps; one grows a second mouth on his chest; another sheds her skin, like a snake.

My Thoughts:
First let me say, I didn't pick this book up at the store or library... it was just sitting around the house. Apparently my sister had to read this for one of her college courses.

This book wasn't horrible, I mean I have to give it credit for keeping me reading... but it was rather F*ed up (as if you couldn't tell from the description). I wouldn't recommend this book unless you're really into the graphic novel thing or like to smoke dope and trip on acid. If you like the drugs, try reading this while your high- you might like it more.

Bottom line. Weird. Ass. Book. Don't believe me. Here are some of the book's pages!

However if you want to take a stab at it, it will only take a couple hours to get through...

This book was the first graphic novel I've read. Not really being into them, or being into comics I did pick up on the different frames, boxes and bubbles and what they meant/represented. Example: a wavy box is a flashback or dream.

Rating System
= Didn't Like It
=It Was OK
= I Liked It
= I Really Liked It
= It Was Amazing

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Madera Canyon

I was very excited about getting out this weekend for some hiking/geocaching. I loaded my GPS, printed a couple maps (because I'm old school like that), packed some snacks, filled up a water bottle, and grabbed my camera. Finally, I thought. I'll have something to blog about and something different to take pictures of!

We grabbed one cache on the way to Madera Canyon. I loved the scenery of the dirt road and overgrown brush, so I pulled my camera out of the bag. I snapped a picture and got the dreaded "No Card" message. AGh! This has happened to my WAY to many times lately. I'm cheap and poor and only have one memory card... and it was at home in my printer. So I took my pictures with my super shitty camera phone. It has 2 whole megapixels. Wahhh. I did what editing I could...

Saturday Hike

We were on a bit of a time crunch, and only wound up with 6 finds for the day. Overall we hiked 3.1 miles. Just about the right amount to start the season with. I need to work my way back up to those 6 and 7 mile day hikes!

Foliage! I get excited when I see trees. I know it's weird, but you don't get many of them here in the desert. You have to visit the "sky islands" for them.

Saturday Hike

We stopped in the shade a couple of times so I could catch my breath. It was quite chilly in the shade! I am so happy fall was here this week. I think it's going on vacation for a while again though ;-(

The views from the Nature Trail were spectacular (not that you can tell from this picture). If you ever visit Madera canyon, this was a nice trail. Tough in the beginning, but things flatten out after a little while. Plants and whatnot are clearly marked along the trail as well.

Saturday Hike 

Another bonus to the Nature Trail is this mini ammo can! So cute.

Having no camera sucked, but the 6 caches and hike helped make it a great day! For us in the southwest geocaching season is just starting... Yippee!

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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Granny Square Update, Again

Well, I've gotten the hang of it. So much so, that I can do a square without the video or my written notes. The only problem is... my first 5 blocks or so have to be redone. They are far too loose, which means they are too big!

Granny Squares

And as you can see, I've added some more colors. I was originally going to only do 3 colors... but couldn't help myself when I got to the craft store to pick out the third ;-)

Granny Squares

If my calculations are correct, I need to make 120 squares! even if I manage 2 squares a day... it's going to take me a while................

Saturday, October 1, 2011

World-Wide Photo Walk

Today I participated in the Fourth Annual World-Wide Photo Walk. The annual photo walk started in 2008 by photographer, author and publisher Scott Kelby. The idea is that photographers of a general area meet up at a specific location for photos and fun. It's a great way to meet other people interested in photography, get tips and ideas.

For the photo walk that I participated in we met at the Sonoran Desert Museum at 8:30 in the morning. We got our name tags, signed in and from there we dispersed throughout the museum taking photos. Even though there is a cap on the number of participants for each walk, I heard there were almost 50 people that ended showing up. At around 11:30 we all met back up at the museums café and looked through our photos.

I was worried about getting good/sifferent shots, as I'd been to the same location many times before... but I think I ended up coming back with some pretty decent ones. I got some good butterfly shots, which is something I've failed at many many times before!

Overall I enjoyed the photo walk. I got to get out and shoot and meet some great people! If you are interested, the photo walk is also tomorrow (October 2nd) Got HERE to find a walk near you. Oh, and you don't have to have a fancy-dancy camera either. I saw some people with point and shoots and some people with just iphones (and also a lot of people with WAY better photo equipment than I own). All you have to have is the love of photography!