Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Year in Review

In January one of my photos made the Flickr Blog. That same day, January 8th 2011, tragedy struck Tucson. 6 people were shot to death, 13 wounded by gunfire. About 2 weeks later I visited one of the makeshift memorials. I also hiked 7+ miles to a waterfall and visited Boothill Graveyard in Tombstone.

In February I found my 500th geocache and attempted to make a Lemon Meringue Pie. It also snowed in the desert and I walked across Tucson's famous bridge!

In March I was a little geocache crazy. I found my 600th geocache, went geocaching on a bicycle, and geocached my first "shape."

In April I went to a Postcrossing meet-up and visited an abandoned mine.

In May I made some felt food, shared my bed with an ugly creature, spotted a bobcat in the back yard, and walked an average of 1.29 miles a day!

In June I made a LOT of stuff, found my 700th geocache in the dark, and saved a rabbit.

In July I celebrated my 5th anniversary of my blog, went nuts, and PhotoShopped my sister.

In August I hunted and killed scorpions, made some snail mail and some shirts.

In September I made a "Find It" game and some snow-globe postcards. I also taught my self how to crochet!

In October I found 105 geocaches in 1 day, participated in the World-Wide Photo Walk, and carved pumpkins with Brandy and my sister Sara.

In November I posted more about my trip to Florida in October... I went shark tooth hunting and saw some alligators. I finished my first crochet project and  my first embroidery project. On Black Friday, I went geocaching!

In December I only posted 8 times, eek! My friends Amber and Stephanie visited from Ohio. I got a new job ... and I haven't had much to blog about lately, but I'm hoping that changes in 2012 ;-)

Saturday, December 17, 2011


I didn't send out any Christmas cards the year, but I did participate in the Handmade RR Christmas swap over in the postcrossing forums. I've really enjoyed making handmade cards lately and haven't sent out any regular postcrossing cards in a while. Anyway, I thought I'd share what I've made. I tried to keep them fairly simple this time around.


Friday, December 16, 2011


I'm honored to have one of my posts featured over at If you're a geocacher you will love this site - So please go over, have a read and leave some comments!

If you are not a geocacher, but would like to learn a little more its a great place to read up on the game. You will also find other outdoor related gems while you are there. There are multiple authors so there is a little bit of everything for everybody! Go have a look for yourself.


Because I start a new job next week, I'm starting my new year next week as well.... Which brings me to New Year's Resolutions. I've never been a much resolution maker but as I said in a previous post "new job, new habits, new year." So I'm going to change things up this year and make some real resolutions.

  • Lose 60lbs! I hope to lose more, but I think I need to set myself an obtainable goal...and 60 seems do-able for now.
  • Log 366 miles on Daily Mile.
  • Run a 5k. I'm thinking in the fall.
  • Save up vacation time and money and visit/drive to the Grand Canyon. I'm thinking late summer.
  • Be more "money smart" and work on paying off some loans. I would like to make a serious dent in a couple of them.

Sunday, December 11, 2011


After a 5 question interview, submitting my fingerprints, getting some hair snipped off for a drug test, taking a lie detector test, peeing in a cup and two TB tests.... I have a new job. After this week I will be leaving the wonderful world of nannying (no, I'm not being sarcastic - I loved it) and joining the "regular" workforce.

I'm excited for a new change and step in the right direction career wise. However, I'm really really really going to miss wearing sweatpants and T-shirts everyday. I'm going to miss the money too! Nannying had way more hours to offer. I'm hoping to still work on the weekends and possibly some evenings to make some extra cash and see the kiddos I'm going to miss so so soo much (just thinking about that makes me want to cry!).

The only thing that sucks about this new job is that I've practically had to buy myself a whole new wardrobe. Scratch that, just a wardrobe period.... I didn't have much of one to begin with! I still only have 2 pairs of dress pants, so I need to look for some more. Blah, I HATE shopping.

On a more positive note, I'm really looking forward to having a more regular work schedule. As soon as this new job starts I plan on packing ALL my lunches and making them all HEALTHY. It won't be as easy to run to McD's for lunch or snack all day in general.

New job, new habits, new year!! Though I start this job and work the last 2 weeks of 2011... I would just like to say....

Bring it on 2012!!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Visiting Friends

Two old friends from high school visited the past week. (Which explains my lack of posting!)

A & S @ Gates Pass, Tucson Mountain Park

As expected, we were able to pick up right where we left off and had a blast hanging out. It was really good to see some familiar faces here in Tucson. Unfortunately though, they brought Ohio's shitty weather with them when they came. No joke. It was about 75 the whole week before they came. When they got here, it rained three days in a row and I don't think it went over 65 (if that) the whole time they were here. Bad weather when company is in town... Seems inevitable.

I still had to work when they were here, but it only ended up being 2 of the 5 full days they were visiting. We dealt with the weather and squeezed in what we could between the clouds.

A & S @ San Xavier
We went to the San Xavier Mission. I've been here before for a virtual geocache, but I was glad to have a chance to visit the beautiful church again. We also walked up a nearby hill that had a little grotto area and a nice view.



We took one of my favorite shots of the week up on that hill...

Jumping for Joy BW
Jumping for Joy

There was also a little crafting while they were here...


Button Tree
My button tree!

And some hiking, though not as much as we had hoped, thanks to the weather...

Catalina State Park
DSC05936. .DSC05955

I'm so glad they got to come for a visit! Fun was had by all :-)