Saturday, January 7, 2012

Hot Air

In my opinion, this is one of the only benefits of waking up early.

Hot Air!

The new job has got me on a somewhat "normal" schedule... and I hate it. I'm missing my quality snooze time. I do think a nap is in order this afternoon though. I'm battling a bout of bronchitis and while I'd love to go out and geocache, it's probably not happening this weekend. Must get too 1,000 finds. I'm only 70 away!


  1. You're so close to that milestone!! But bronchitis is nothing to mess with. I've had it and would not want it again. Get your rest.

  2. Hey neat, hot air balloons are so cool. I love the different colors and the graphics on them. We have a balloon fest here in the Poconos of PA and it attracts thousands of enthusiasts each year.
    And I agree, regular work hours stink!

  3. Great photo. A few years ago, a low flying hot air balloon went over my house. The sight and sound of it freaked out my dogs.