Friday, January 27, 2012


I went out caching with KennyV last weekend to grab my first finds of 2012. In all we found 10 caches, 9 for me though - I already had one of them. I must say, it was a nice change of pace to grab a smaller amount of caches closer to home. I think all the caching runs have tired me out a bit.

The caches we found varied in size, but for the most part were your typical hides... except the ones that eluded us of course. I usually bring my ipod with me with cache descriptions for reference if needed, but I didn't have it with me this time around. We looked for one cache twice - If have known the difficulty was a 4.5 I either would have looked harder or given up sooner ;-) We all know that in the end it's not the caches that matter but where the caching takes us, our experiences... the whole "getting outside" part of it that matters. One of the first few caches pointed out this crested saguaro.


I saw and learned the name of this new plant, a Fairy Duster.

Fairy Duster

But one of the highlights of the caching trip was defintly the dam.

Dam Cache

One minute we are, driving in a neighborhood. The next we're standing in a small canyon and see a dam! Even though the cache was called "Just Another Dam Cache" I wasn't expecting it. The GPS was indicating that we needed to be on the other side....

So we made out way through...

Bonk! I hit my head.

We looked around but our GPS units were pointing straight at the rock walls of the canyon. I was poking around looking in the usual spots and before I knew it, Ken was gone and had made the find!

Only 61 more caches to 1000 finds!!

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  1. Love that dam cache! That one was awesome! And number 1000 is just around the corner - you go girl!

  2. Wow ! Great places to find caches. Greetings from Finland.

  3. Great pictures Erika. We are hoping Mitsy will become a geohound eventually. Thank you coming on over to my blog again. :-). She already had that name and as we like it as well we decided to stay with it.

  4. Fun finds! Your winters are so much prettier, at least when it comes to colors. I get tired of seeing brown!

  5. Sounds like an excellent day of caching and you got some really cool photos!