Saturday, February 11, 2012

Cemetery Cache in Florence

I went up to Florence, Arizona this afternoon for some caching and photo opportunities. It's a cute little town so I thought the picture taking would be good.... but when I got there, the main street was blocked off and they were having some 2nd Saturday Historic Tour event going on. It probably would have been neat to participate in, but I really had no interest at the time. Many of the caches I had prepared for my mini trip were near the event and the muggle factor was a too high for my liking. So instead I went for some of the caches on the outskirts of town....

The first cache I did was is a cemetery. My favorite kind. They certainly do things different here in AZ.
Very grandiose....

Enthusiastically decorated...

Did you notice the chairs and benches in the two pictures above? This particular cemetery had a lot of chairs. Many plots with chairs on all for sides facing the grave stone. Nice chairs, folding chairs plastic patio chairs, old rusted falling apart chairs that wouldn't hold the living... it was... different.

The plot below was kind of interesting too. I'd like to know the story behind it. Were these antlers this man's prized possession? Did he love them so much, being buried with them were a part of his final wishes? Did he hang these up in his living room and did his wife always secretly hate them, so when he went, they went too?


Back to what I was here for, geocaching. The cache was on cemetery property but far from the graves. If you were visiting a loved one, you wouldn't even have known I was there.

Ground zero.....

This cache is appropriate named "Dig Your Grave with a Spoon" and the cache owner asks that you leave a spoon.

I was fresh out of spare spoons, so I traded a compass for a buck! I'll try not to spend it all in one place ;-) 

Every once and a while I find change...occasionally a dollar.

Whats the largest amount of money, if any, you've found while geocaching? Was it in the cache or did you find it on the way to the cache?


  1. I love cemetery caches and that one was a cool idea. We got a five dollar bill from a cache once.

  2. Oh wow, what an interesting find! I will never forget going South for the first time (New Orleans) and seeing my first above ground cemetery. All the caskets are underground here and I'd never seen such a thing!

  3. Wild! This looks like a crazy place! So much individual creativity and all to honor the dead. I just want to be put out for the trash or something. No viewing, no funeral procession or any stuff like that. A memorial cache would be cool (hint, hint ;))
    Nice post and good to see you out caching.

  4. Aww, those cemetery photos make me homesick for Arizona. We lived within walking distance of a cemetery like that with a paved walking trail that wound around it that I would walk several times a week. At first all the decorations and people hanging out there wierded me out, but after a while I got to like it. One time there was this creepy van that I saw parked in the same place for several days in a row. I was about to predial 911 on my phone the next time I saw it until I finally saw that the occupants were an elderly couple who were waiting while they watered a relative's grave. They were there so often that I got on a waving basis with them!

    I found a dollar in a cache once too, but I did not spend it because it was folded to look like a Hawaiian shirt.

  5. so I'm wondering, are the chairs for the occupant, or the visitor?

  6. My wife loves the grave yards. Me I like the caching so it works out well for both of us. Very cool pics. The most I have found in a cache was $5 for the FTF and it was a great set of caches. Another time we found $150 laying about 40feet from a cache. That was very nice.

  7. I live in the South & we have some beautiful old cemetaries. A couple of my favs are in Savannah & on St Simons Island, GA. The strangest one I've ever seen was on Hilton Head. The graves were all jumbled up, facing different directions, not in rows or any kind of order. They were all surrounded with large, pastel painted rocks. I've never seen another like it. There is a beautiful cemetary in Jacksonville, FL that could compete with any park. The landscaping & statuary is amazing. The mausoleums are very ornate. This is a large, old cemetary. Then in St Augustine, FL there are cemetaries older than the US, some Spanish & British. They are very beautiful & educational.