Sunday, March 11, 2012

Bitch Please.

I know I've been a little absent lately.... Just haven't had much to say or time to do anything.... I'm still sending and receiving handmade postcard though. However, It's kind of depressing when I put a lot of energy and thought into what I send out and then I get a card back that obviously hasn't had much time put into it. While I know every isn't as artistic or crafty as I may be.... I can tell when I'm getting screwed over. It's not hard to cut out a rectangle and slap a few stickers on an call it a "handmade" postcard (I've been getting too many of these lately!). I guess maybe they are doing it for the communication and I'm doing it for the "art?" I'm not sure. But I've joined one last swap and if I don't get some awesome cards dammit, I'm taking a break! haha.

Ironically what sparked this post was one AWESOME card that I got. I also got a not-so-awesome one a few days before. And just holding them side by side - no comparison! I know I sound like a bitch, but at lest make me think you tried.

Here is the AWESOME card I got!

Awesome Postcard!


  1. That's annoying to put so much effort into something and barely get anything back. :( Awesome card, though!

  2. oh I hear ya sister :)

    I rarely do open swaps nowadays (ie with people I don't know) for that very reason

    Did you sign up of iHanna's swap in the end? as the quality of that one is usually excellent and so that's one open swap I make an exception for...

  3. I like it. You can tell someone took the time to make it. :-)