Monday, March 26, 2012

One More!

I added one more state to my Geocaching map over the weekend!



I've been to California many times. This however, was my first time there as a Geocacher! There was only time for one cache and we grabbed it on the way home.

I was a big one!

... And it won't be the last one there, I'm sure!

I've now geocached in 14 states! 

How many states have you geocached in?


  1. Nice. Adding new states is always fun. Personally I've done 37 states, most of which were gathered on our many trips back home to Canada from NC, and a road trip out west last year to Arizona and Nevada.

    Happy travels!

  2. So far I've only cached in 7 states, altho I hope to get all 50 eventually. I had grand plans for several awesome road trips this year, but the stinking high gas prices have blasted a hole in that plan. Looks like we'll be caching much closer to home.

  3. 13 states so far. Caching has been a blast! So many interesting places to see. Many different caches. Lots of fun folks.
    As of 5/16/2012 I am at 499 days in a row with at least 1 cache per day. A total of 891 caches.
    Cache on!

  4. oops! BEEHALL
    I do NOT know where the ee's went.