Friday, April 13, 2012


Another little kiddo I know is turning one! I made the standard "1" shirt. I got a pair of shorts to add to the outfit and the fabric from the "1" is from a much larger size 5t shorts. At only a few bucks a pair it was worth it, made it more matchy-matchy.

Enough about the "1" shirt....

You've seen many of those kinds of shirts I've made.... but you haven't seen one like this! 

Yep, that is a Pac-Man cross stitch shirt!

Is it perfect...?


Is it awesome...?


Now don't go thinking I was able to line up all those Xs without help! I used 10 count waste canvas... which is kind of like regular cross stitch canvas, but when you get it wet you can pull out all the little threads and it's like it was never there (like this)!

I was worried how the whole thing would do in the washer so I made a trip to the fabric store and ended up with this for the back. Hopefully it will last through the washings and keep the threads from pulling.
Back of shirt


  1. wow. nice!
    you could do stuff like that on those wooly winter hats!