Sunday, April 8, 2012

Rag Rug

It seems that once you learn to crochet, the possibilities are endless.... So far I've worked on granny squares, made a hat, made some necklaces and couple of dishcloths. Now, I've moved on to RAG-RUGS! Since I didn't have any of my own old sheets to tear up, I went to Goodwill. I ended up with this top and bottom twin size white sheet.

I took the top sheet cut it in half and dyed one part turquoise and one part tangerine. The original plan was to dye the fitted sheet navy blue and have that as my base and use the turquoise and tangerine as my stripes.... but when I got to playing around I quickly realized there wasn't going to be enough. So I made another trip to Goodwill for a brown king size sheet. I used the whole top sheet and some of the fitted sheet. Much more than I thought I was going to need!

Though I like a lot of the round rag-rugs out there, I decided to go with a rectangle for in front of my bathroom sink. I think it turned out pretty nicely!

I didn't really follow much of a pattern. I used 1.5 inch strips with a P (15mm) hook. It's 30 stitches wide and a lot of rows long ;-)


  1. I'm impressed! It turned out really cute, and I bet it was economical too!

  2. I wanna, I wanna, I wanna!

    LOVE IT!

  3. I am now officially hooked on crochet too. I am making stuff like crazy. How hard was it to do with the sheets tho? Did you just rip them into thin strips and then crochet them?

  4. Kim-
    I folded the sheet and cut it with a rotatory cutter for most of the strips, but by the end I was just ripping them, which ended up being easier. To connect the strips this way is way better than knots. Crocheting with the sheet wasn't too hard, though it was a bit of an arm workout at times! I used 1.5 inch strips with a P (15mm) hook. It's 30 stitches wide and a lot of rows long.