Thursday, May 31, 2012


Well look at that. Three wordless Wednesdays in a row! 

... and nothing in between. How pathetic!

Work is a bit exhausting. I file. ALL. Day. Looooong. Mostly alone... It's so quiet.... Which makes me even more tired. I have zero energy when I get home. I'm still watchin' kiddos on the weekends here and there so that drains me even more.

There is some good news though... I tested for another position within the same department where I work. I passed the test an have an interview next week. So cross your fingers and toes for me. I really really want that job!

In other news....

My goal this weekend is to get out and DO something! I'm on track to hit my 1,000th geocache really really soon. I actually thought I got it... but I either counted wrong or missed some in my logging the last time I went out. Doh!

So hopefully a post or two this weekend....

Stay tuned.


  1. 1000 caches is a great milestone! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you on the new position. Filing - Ick! Can you at least listen to some music while you're doing it?

  2. Good luck with that interview and congrats on almost 1000 caches!

  3. Good luck with the interview. My 1000th is a long long way away. We haven't been out for a month, now The B&B season is upon us.