Saturday, June 16, 2012


Monsoon season is officially here in Tucson. The skies opened up this afternoon and it was SO exciting. That's the thing here - No one gets sad and depressed when it rains, we all get excited. It's not something we get a lot of in the desert!!

The storms usually come out of nowhere in the afternoons, do their thing and move on as quickly as they came. It is literally ... Blue skies with clouds building in the distance.... Thunder, lightning, some times hail and a lot of rain and wind.... and then blue skies again with clouds disappearing into the distance.

I think today's storm was even more exciting because we weren't expecting it. We went out for a late lunch and on the way there my mom pointed out some clouds in the distance - we didn't give much thought to it. After lunch we came out and notice it was really dark. You could tell it was raining everywhere but where we were. On the way home the car started getting rained on. But it was nothing but rain... exciting, but not too exciting.....

Then we got home and all "hail" broke loose. It's amazing how one minute its 101 degrees out and the next it's dropped 35 degrees and there are ice cubes falling out of the sky!

Monsoon Storm!

Monsoon Storm!

It was pretty windy and rainy too. Look at the tree!

Monsoon Storm

1.5 inches of rain total! 

I love storms! Do you? Let me know in the comments!


  1. very cool pictures of the hail and the wind.
    yes, i LOVE a good long as it's not so severe that people's lives are threatened...

    but the more thunder the better...and enough wind to knock all the deadwood out of the trees!

  2. I like storms too, but when it drops temperature like that in Michigan, we often get tornadoes and that I'm not too fond of!
    Looks pretty crazy there!

  3. I hate the high winds, too scary. We had bad storms in December, we were in Australia at the time and we were following the storms back home in UK via the internet. Came home to a fence down but that was all thankfully. Oh and the cache that is hidden on the fence of our garden but futher along from where the fence came down was still there hanging! In the UK we can get all 4 seasons in the one day lol