Saturday, June 23, 2012


My sister has been bitten by the diving bug lately... Living in Florida, she's got some great places to do it! Lucky for us, she has also got some fun camera gear and skills so she can share it with all of us. Here are a couple of her videos. Short, sweet and super! Be sure to watch the last one (in HD), there was a surprise encounter...

Ginne Springs -FL

Blue Springs - FL


  1. Beautiful! I liked the manatee too. :)

  2. SUPER COOL VIDEO! I love those GoPro cameras. I would love to get one for some wild geocache adventures, hiking and fishing however, mine would be boring in comparison. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I sat watching the manatee just now and i kept ahhhhhhhing
    Super videos. Oh Erika Jean, i got a FTF this morning yehhhhhhhh only my second FTF, I was jumping up and down my husband was for walking away thankfully we were in a lane and no one else about lol

  4. That is awesome! I am amazed that the camera shoots such clear pictures. Now I want to scuba dive..

  5. WOW!! very cool.

    i've never gone diving...esp in the caves, i don't think i could do it...but we sure have many to choose from here in florida!

    (i just read a book (Got the Look) that took place in Ginnie Springs, it was kind of weird to see this!!)