Thursday, July 26, 2012

Star Garland


I made this cute little star garland last night while watching TV. It's Big Brother season. Three nights a week of quality reality TV. My favorite!!! Who are you rooting for? I kind of like the dumb girl (Ashley) and the nerdy guy (Ian)... but I'm not sure that either of them can actually win. I have a feeling that when the "coaches" lose their last player they'll end up as a regular house-guest competitor - hence the key slots. Sorry if you don't watch the show and don't understand any of that... but you should really really watch it!

Anyway. I made this star garland to hang on a co-workers door for her birthday... I kind of wish I would have made it for myself ;-)


I made each star individually using this pattern. It involves single, double, half double and triple crochet stitches and was actually pretty simple... after I looked up the last two stitches. I then joined the stars by one point to a strand of single crochet stitches. 16 stitches between each one I believe. I also made little hoops at the ends for easy hanging (you can see one in the first picture).


I thought this would be a nice change from the boring old decorations our work likes to re-use to death... though I'm sure they will still be up.....

Monday, July 23, 2012


Not only has my little sister recently been engaged...
Bling Bling Love that ring sis!

But her fiance and her have just closed on a house!

So charming!

And just moved this weekend!

Being the good sister that I am... I decided to make and send them a housewarming gift. As many of you know, lately my specialty has been dishtowels. I'm getting addicted to stitching. I think that is a good thing though... 'cause look at how cute these turned out!

Towels For Lisa 
It was windy that day, so I anchored the towels with clothes pins :-)

Here are some close ups...

Mix It Up

Everything Is Better With...

I love the buttah!

And one more shot. In case you forgot what they looked like...

Hanging up at their house and gettin' some use.

Congratulations on the Engagement and house Lisa & Jimmy!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Caching to Cali

My mom and I drove to California early this morning to attend a family reunion that we call “Sisters.” My mother, her two sisters and all the family of each of the three sisters always tries to get together right around this time of year. The three sisters always attend and the rest of us can be hit or miss… based on our schedules and travel funds Winking smile.

Anyway, I suggested we cache our way to Cali and my mom was game.
Our first stop was a virtual in Quartzsite, Arizona.

Sisters2012 001.
It was the Tomb of Haidji Ali aka “Hi Jolly.”
Sisters2012 006
The last camp of Hi Jolly, born somewhere in Syria about 1828 / Died at Quartzsite December 16, 1902 / Came to this country February 10, 1856 / Cameldriver - packer - scout - over thirty years a faithful aid to the U.S. government. Arizona Highway Department, 1935. (More info on Hi Jolly).
After farting around a bit in Quartzsite we hopped the border into California. Or first stop was the Blythe Airport/old army base - where we almost missed this close to “illegal” geocache. Though it isn’t truly buried, it is submerged. A little “iffy” in my mind… but I’ll let it slide for a smiley!

Sisters2012 021Sisters2012 020
Sisters2012 019

There was one last cache that seemed interesting and I wanted to grab before we concluded our caching portion of the trip….
Sisters2012 037
Hope you had a Happy Fourth of July!
Happy Caching!

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Sunday, July 1, 2012


6 years. I've been at this whole blog thing for six years!