Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Caching to Cali

My mom and I drove to California early this morning to attend a family reunion that we call “Sisters.” My mother, her two sisters and all the family of each of the three sisters always tries to get together right around this time of year. The three sisters always attend and the rest of us can be hit or miss… based on our schedules and travel funds Winking smile.

Anyway, I suggested we cache our way to Cali and my mom was game.
Our first stop was a virtual in Quartzsite, Arizona.

Sisters2012 001.
It was the Tomb of Haidji Ali aka “Hi Jolly.”
Sisters2012 006
The last camp of Hi Jolly, born somewhere in Syria about 1828 / Died at Quartzsite December 16, 1902 / Came to this country February 10, 1856 / Cameldriver - packer - scout - over thirty years a faithful aid to the U.S. government. Arizona Highway Department, 1935. (More info on Hi Jolly).
After farting around a bit in Quartzsite we hopped the border into California. Or first stop was the Blythe Airport/old army base - where we almost missed this close to “illegal” geocache. Though it isn’t truly buried, it is submerged. A little “iffy” in my mind… but I’ll let it slide for a smiley!

Sisters2012 021Sisters2012 020
Sisters2012 019

There was one last cache that seemed interesting and I wanted to grab before we concluded our caching portion of the trip….
Sisters2012 037
Hope you had a Happy Fourth of July!
Happy Caching!

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  1. Looks like fun and a great way to spend some free time while traveling. I also like your nails, pretty creative kiddo.....
    Great to read you again.

  2. For a second I thought you'd been to Colombia. I liked the photos. I'd love to make a trip like that.

  3. Road trip!! Those looked like some interesting caches too.

  4. I did my nails like that for the Fourth as well!!!