Monday, August 20, 2012


I took a walk in the woods yesterday a little north of Flagstaff at a park I don't remember the name of. I was looking for a cache- but I never found it. I'm still glad I stopped and had a look around though. I was able to get some fungi pictures. Not something you run across often (or at all) in the deserts of Tucson.

For some reason, I was really liking the black and white. In fact, I'm still liking it. I seem to go though black and white phases every now and again.

Anyway, here's what I found:



Not Eggs


And that last one I do have to show you in color also...


I love looking at mushrooms... but as far as eating them - No way! Do you like to eat mushrooms?


  1. Fungi? nom...nom!

  2. Great shots. I love mushrooms - especially portabellas!

  3. Love to eat mushrooms - the store bought kind. But I have eaten a puffball that I picked myself. My in-laws have eaten them and I did some research to be sure they were safe. Tasted like tofu.

  4. We never pick our own. It's too easy for the experts to make a mistake in the wild. I like portobellos and Shiitake. Porcini and crimini are okay. I like portobellos on pizza. Shiitake make a great substitute for meat in pasta dishes. We use wood ears in gyozas. I'm getting hungry...