Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Grand Canyon Day 1

I opted to camp while visiting the Grand Canyon. It was way cheaper than a hotel. $18 bucks a night. Can't beat that!

After paying my park fee, I went straight to my campground. I arrived at around 1:30pm (check-in was 12), got my little pass, headed to my campsite... annnd there were people in spot 209 - my spot. They had a tent up and everything. I asked the lady there "are you coming or going?" she gave me a weird look and then looked for her husband, who then in an accent said, "We will be gone in 30 minutes." I was a little peeved so I went to the office. The ranger said he had talked to the couple and 15 minutes ago they said they would be gone in 15 minutes - he was pissed too, so he went to talk to them again.

....in the meantime, I decided to go find that thing I came for... the GRAND CANYON.

This was my fist look...

(click photo to view large)

Absolutely beautiful! We've all seen it in pictures.... but they are nothing like the real thing. You don't get that weak in your knees feeling - which I got. I don't even have a problem with heights but I was trembling a bit! I quickly got over that - but wow. Beautiful. Amazing. Go. See. It. Now.

I did head back to the campground after snapping a few pictures. I just wanted to get everything set up so I wouldn't have to worry about it later. The people were gone. Thank goodness, because I might have "helped" them pick up the pace.

I selected a nice place for my tent. Not too muddy and late afternoon shade (though not in this picture).

I kept camp pretty simple. It was just me and it made tear down go a lot faster. 


I slept on a borrowed cot. Which made all the difference - Because as you will see, I went back out and weather was definitely on its way.

The Canyon..

I had a little time for a campfire and book. 


This is what I've dubbed my "Girl Fire." That's about all the effort I was going/needed to put into it.

Girl Fire

I had one citronella candle burning nearby... and I would like to mention, I didn't put one drop of bug-spray on the whole trip and never got any bug-bites! That has got to be some kid of record.

Soon enough, the storm started rolling in and I put out my fire...

The thunder was SO loud and the lightning was practically in my face. I didn't feel safe in the tent so I stayed in the car listing to The Moth podcasts on my Ipod.... For an hour and a half! Eek. I also got bored and started playing with my camera.

Bored Bored

The thunder and lighting moved off into the distance and I made my way to the tent for some reading and rest. The storm didn't stop until well after I was asleep in the tent. I remember unzipping the tent at one point and seeing a beautiful night sky filled with stars.

And that is the end to day one! More to come...


  1. wow, so very cool to see the grand canyon.
    it's so majestic...unbelievable!!
    i was there once...a loooong time ago...oh, about 35 yrs ago! yikes!!

    camping is way better than staying in a motel/hotel...and not just for the better price!
    but getting stuck in a tent in a thunderstorm...can be a little crazy! at least your tent didn't LEAK!!

    can't wait to see MORE!!!!!

  2. Thank you for sharing this. I've always wanted to see the Grand Canyon and its great to see some personal pictures. Can't wait for your next post!

  3. SO COOL! Gorgeous photos - I have been to the Canyon and they photos don't do it justice, but you did a pretty good job!

  4. I think it would be neat to camp out at the Grand Canyon. I went for the first time a few years ago. We took the train to the Canyon from Williams and stayed overnight in one of the Canyon hotels. It's beautiful up there and really really quiet once the sun goes down.

  5. It's gorgeous! I've never been but someday hopefully. I'm glad you were able to go, sounds like a blast of a trip-- and it's close enough that you can go back for another weekend :)

    also, it has taken me six tries to get this through. I can't get the word validation thing right!