Thursday, August 23, 2012

Grand Canyon Day 2

I woke up at sunrise, got ready for the day and went to the nearby cafe for breakfast. For $11 I had 2 slices of mediocre French toast, some crappy potatoes and delicious orange juice. Where is an IHOP when you need one?

I wanted to catch the early morning sun on the Canyon so I went up to Mather Point. As expected, it was beautiful.

After shooting a few pictures I went back to the campground for my iPod. It had all my cache information, and since I had planned a few virtuals - I need it!

Next I drove to the visitor center, hopped on the blue line bus and took it to the red line. The red line goes where you can't go in your car... and to all the virtuals along the rim. Once you've paid admission to the Grand Canyon, all the buses are free!

As you can see. I got all four virtuals. The ones I was going after anyway.... I'm definitely not one of those geocachers that HAS to get ALL of the just because I'm there. Gotta do what you want and just save the rest for next time ;-)

It was a beautiful section of the canyon. There were several views of the Colorado River. You could see rapids and even hear it in some sections. I'm sure all the rain from the day before helped too!

Colorado River from GC

Colorado River from GC

After I found the caches, I went back to my campsite for a shower and a nap ;-)

Then I was headed east on the south rim. I made a couple of stops at a few vistas along the way to the Watchtower at Desert View. I didn't go up the tower.... because lets face it - 86 steps at that altitude is killer.

More amazing than the view, was this CRAZY NPS worker. Hammerin' away on the EDGE of a MILE deep CANYON with NO ROPES.

Man on a Ledge 
I really hope those guys get paid well....

My evening ended with a little downpour and then a little bit of sunshine before it went down...



  1. So beautiful! Except the guy on the edge - that made my stomach drop.

  2. WOW! You may have been away from blogging for a little while but you certainly didn't lose your edge! Fantastic post, great pictures and and an outstanding 2 part series!
    Nice work Erika and thanks for sharing......

  3. What an incredible caching trip!