Sunday, August 5, 2012

Travel Bug Round Up

I've had my deal of fun and frustration with travel bugs. I love sending new ones out, setting awesome goals with high hopes... And I hate the ones that are held hostage or worse - in a cache while it went missing.

Anyway. I was just having a look at my TBs and I thought I'd makeup a little leader board.

Rank TB Miles Traveled Status
1 Erika Jean (T-Shirt TB)

9887 mi Active
2 10 10 10 Powers of Ten Multi Event Geocoin 8517 mi Active
3  Forest Preserves 5263 mi Active
4 Catch a Glimpse (Car TB) 3743 mi Active
5 Daredevil 3701 mi Active
6 Roadkill 2457 mi Active
7 Ally Gator 2417 mi Missing
8 Henrietta the Holy Cow 1484 mi Missing
9 Make Your Mark 1265 mi Missing
10 Wally the Warthog 1020 mi Missing
11 Monkees 373 mi Missing
12 Peregrine Falcon 2 mi Missing
So yeah. 50% of my TB are MISSING! I need to re-release a couple I think.... Henrietta the Holy Cow was already a replacement - which has also gone missing. So frustrating! I think I'll just keep re-releasing my lost TBs rather than buying anymore... because as you can see - I haven't had much luck with them!


  1. It is so annoying for them to go missing, As you know I have adopted 3 caches and 4 TB's. someone has one of the TB's and had it a while, I did email the cachers but they haven't got back to me, ok maybe they are on holiday. I just wish folk would move them on, if i keep one for longer than normal i email the person and let them know, for eg when we went to Australia i took a Tb with us so i did have it longer, but they knew about it.

  2. Most of my Tb's have gone missing and it really makes me mad. If any of my live ones come back my way, I'll grab them and keep them. One that traveled all over Europe just went missing at an event in the US. Grrr..

  3. We've released 25 travel bugs in eight years of caching. Our longest travel was 37,000 miles before it went missing. Our best mileage for a still active travel bug is 23,000 miles.

    I think the loss of bugs has gotten worse since cell phone apps have grown in popularity. Whenever I use my cell phone to cache, I fell really disconnected from the site. If I had to use the app to log bugs, I would probably not move them.

    I know first-hand from being closely involved with the Allegheny GeoTrail (AGT) that the now popular trails were a great place to lose travel bugs. The trails tend to get a lot of attention in the local papers and attract new cachers, but many fade away after they complete the geotrails. AGT caches were black holes for trackables. Most that were dropped in caches never came out.

    I still enjoy moving travel bugs, but it is frustrating to lose so many so quickly.

  4. I have a lot that have go e missing. I think I shoul recreate them and see what happens.