Tuesday, September 18, 2012

More Embroidey

The Addams family is finished! I LOVE the way these turned out. They will be nice Halloween decorations in my... bathroom? I don't think I can put these in a kitchen. They will get way too messy... I've been trying to add "new" elements every time I work on a stitching project. This time around it was filling in with fabric markers. I went with the Tulip brand but the colors were limited.... so I may try something else next time. I think the added color really pulled it all together though. Made it look less like a coloring book page (which is where I got the design) and more like a work of art ;-)

Since I knew the above project was pretty much done I had to start on a new one. I saw this idea on pinterest.... 

You take a kid's drawing:


And then trace it onto a towel and stitch away....


I'm thinking these might be something that will come in handy around Christmas time...


  1. Would love to hear the Mom's comments! This is SO cute!

  2. nice.

    i used to do a similar thing when my boys were LITTLE...i'd take their 'artwork' and trace it on a Tshirt...then use fabric markers & stuff!

  3. Wish I'd known about his when my kids were small. It's a great way to preserve their 'art' on something you can actually give to them when they grow up. LOVE IT!