Sunday, September 2, 2012

Every once and a while Pinterest leaves me scratching my head...


That is one good way to guarantee your child will be sleeping in your room. Don't just make them think they are seeing shadows. Put them there yourself!


Don't just lie to your children, take it to the extreme. As if leaving money under the pillow and eating "Santa's" cookies were enough... Look honey, little tiny people are crawling all over you when you sleep and I have PROOF. I'm sure you child will sleep through the night just fine.

Ignore every warning on every plastic bag you've ever seen! 
This kid looks like he actually might already be a victim of the plastic bag. I mean really, you couldn't pick a better picture than that?


Just how random is this thing?

I know the internet leaves us scratching our heads a lot... what is the stupidest pin you've seen on Pinterest?


  1. I agree! There are some really crazy things there. I've seen that Peter Pan shadow thing several times and always thought it looked scary. It has to be one of my top ones.

  2. Love it! Sometimes I look at the DIY ones and say to myself "Yeah right, that has fail written all over it"

  3. hmmmm...kind of a cool idea to paint 'shadows' long as it's something cheery and not something creeping across the wall or ceiling.

    you know, i've never been to see what Pinterest is all about. i guess i should catch up with the times one of these days! ha!

  4. I finally had to start a board the other day for stupid things I saw on Pinterest. The pin that did it was a diy plastic cell phone holder made to be hung over the phone charger plug while it was charging. I thought it was idiotic because the plastic could very easily slip between the plug and the wall and touch the live prongs. My husband tried to argue that maybe it wouldn't catch on fire or electrocute someone since it was plastic (though she had mod podged fabric on to it) but I don't care. It's not worth risking your life just so your phone can have a cute holder while it charges!

  5. Lol very good, The kiddies pics .....funny. How true though. A big fat man will come into your room when you are sleeping.........but he will leave presents lol

  6. This is HILARIOUS! I love all the food items and then all the pics of really skinny people in absurd outfits. HAHAH! Stop it!