Sunday, October 28, 2012

Winter Towels

Yet another project complete. These two towels aren't necessarily a set - since one is more Christmas and the other one is more winter, but they will make a great addition to my sisters house during the "cold" months. ;-)

The thing I love about these these flour sack/tea towels is that they are rather thin and dry pretty quickly - so they are great for repeated use. Oh yeah, and they are super cute when all done up! ;-)

I found the snowflake embroidery pattern HERE and used a color page found on Google Images for the gingerbread house.

Evertime I stitch something new, I'm looking to learn something new in the process. This time around I learned the heavy chain stitch and used it for the icing of the gingerbread house. I knew a thin line in that color wouldn't stand out enough, so the heavy chain worked well.

I didn't use any new techniques on the snowflakes - I think their simpleness makes them beautiful.




Now I have to think of what to do next.... Any ideas??

Saturday, October 27, 2012


After the photo walk a couple of weeks ago I headed north of Globe to the Roosevelt Lake area. It was quite refreshing to see so much water here in the desert.

Roosevelt Lake Bridge

My main goal in this area was visiting the Lower Cliff Dwellings and grabbing the earth cache.... but of course I had to grab a few other caches in the area! They were all fairly easy. I bet you can spot them....




Did you find them all?

 DAM you're good


 I'll definitely be coming back to this area. Anyone want to buy me a boat?

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

W.I.P. Wednesday!

Another work in progress...

A dish towel for my sister. An early "thank-you for letting me stay with you" gift. VACATION coming up in November. I'll be SC bound ;-P

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

World Wide Photo Walk - Pictures!

Okay, time to show you some pictures from the World Wide Photo Walk I went to in Miami, AZ on Saturday. I took a TON of pictures, it took me a while to go through them. Miami is a  mining town, most of it old. There were a LOT of run down abandoned buildings and not many people around... so it made a great day for shooting.

We all gathered at a little corner park. When I was getting out of the car, two ladies with cameras in hand asked me if I was with a camera group? They were wondering why all these people were wondering around with cameras. It just so happened that they had come to Miami that morning to take pictures and had no clue what the World Wide Photo Walk was. Great timing on their part. They were able to join our group of 25. The group did some brief introductions and we then made our way milling about town taking pictures.

Feel free to breeze through some of what I snapped pictures of below:

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Noftsger Hill Inn

On Saturday I participated in the World Wide Photo Walk (Look for pictures in a future post!). I decided I needed a change of scenery and instead of going to one of the two Tucson ones - I went to one in Miami, Arizona. Its around 2.5 hrs away. Since it started at 8am I went up the night before.

I decided to stay at a Bed and Breakfast instead of a hotel. Best decision ever. This wasn't just any ol' B&B - It was the Noftsger Hill Inn in Globe, AZ. The Noftsger Hill Inn used to be the Noftsger Hill School. It was originally built in 1907 and it was used for school up until 1989.


The building has original creaky wood floors, two big cement staircases, and many class rooms with original chalkboards. The whole place is decked out with antiques. My pictures don't do the place justice. It has so much charm, have a look...

Classroom turned bedroom. Enough room for a family!

Another classroom turned bedroom.

Chalkboard! Notes from guests past.

Each classroom had a coatroom that had been changed into a bathroom.

Upstairs common space.

More upstairs common space. Principals office to the left.

Looking down the stairs. Class pictures hang on the wall to the left.

Downstairs common space.

Dining room.

The room I stayed in used to be an old maintenance work room. (or so I'm told by some of my family that had stayed there before). It was "The Cowboy Room" and it was decked out in everything western. So cute. It was not nearly as big as the classrooms - but a perfect size for one person.

It had a private bathroom as well with a clawfoot tub (not pictured).

Oh yea, We can't forget Breakfast. YUM!

This is the place to checkout if you ever need to stay in the Globe area!

Have you ever stayed in a Bed and Breakfast?  

Saturday, October 13, 2012


I took a little hike today. Half a mile. No big deal.


It was a 13% incline. 

1/2 Mile @ 13% Incline

I lost count of how many times I had to stop to let my heart and lungs catch up. Not to mention the wonderful sunburn I seamed to have contracted...

Where was I going you ask? Well, to an Earthcache of course! I probably wouldn't have attempted the walk if it weren't for that little smiley.

This Earthcache is called The Mystery Cave. And it is in the Tonto National Monument right off of AZ188, which my GPS kindly refers to as "ass" 188. It made me laugh every time. The cache features the Lower Cliff Dwellings of the Salado people. It is around 650 years old. Amazing! You can see where they lived, some artifacts left behind and even soot on the walls!

Cliff Dwellings

It's a really cool place to visit if you don't mind the uphill battle.

Cliff Dwellings

Cliff Dwellings

Cliff Dwellings

Cliff Dwellings

And finally. My proof of visiting the Earthcache. A photo of "me" with my GPS in front of this sign with the dwellings in the background. Ha. Easier said than done - especially when you are by yourself. This crooked picture of my hand will have to do.


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Monday, October 8, 2012

Madera Canyon

Geocaching season is just beginning for me here in Tucson, Arizona. The mornings are now cool enough for some hiking. We took advantage of the nice weather and took a little trip up to Madera Canyon.

We had a good hike and found a couple of caches along the way... but mostly we just took in the beautiful scenery. It was nice to get out with the camera and snap some pictures. Gearing up for next weekend's photo walk! There were a lot more flowers than I expected this time of year. I'll have to see what it is like in the spring (it snows in the winter there!).

Madera Canyon

We took the nature trail. It was nicely maintained with informational signs along the way. It was about half shade and half sun the whole way.

Madera Canyon

The trail isn't a loop, so we had to talk the road back down to the car. In all, we hiked 2.07 miles. Not bad for the first hike of the year!

After the hike we took the car to the end of the road and had a nice picnic lunch. Here's what I had. Yum! (Turkey sandwich for those wondering)

What is your favorite picnic food??

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Work Wide Photo Walk - Next Weekend!

Last year I participated in Scott Kelby's World Wide Photo Walk. I will be going again this year. I encourage any of you with photography interests to find a walk near you and participate! Even if you don't have some fancy-dancy camera it is worth it. Point-&-Shoot cameras welcome.

If you are already going, or have just signed up - Which walk are you going to? I plan on trekking to Miami, AZ for a change of scenery.... and maybe a little geocaching ;-)