Sunday, October 14, 2012

Noftsger Hill Inn

On Saturday I participated in the World Wide Photo Walk (Look for pictures in a future post!). I decided I needed a change of scenery and instead of going to one of the two Tucson ones - I went to one in Miami, Arizona. Its around 2.5 hrs away. Since it started at 8am I went up the night before.

I decided to stay at a Bed and Breakfast instead of a hotel. Best decision ever. This wasn't just any ol' B&B - It was the Noftsger Hill Inn in Globe, AZ. The Noftsger Hill Inn used to be the Noftsger Hill School. It was originally built in 1907 and it was used for school up until 1989.


The building has original creaky wood floors, two big cement staircases, and many class rooms with original chalkboards. The whole place is decked out with antiques. My pictures don't do the place justice. It has so much charm, have a look...

Classroom turned bedroom. Enough room for a family!

Another classroom turned bedroom.

Chalkboard! Notes from guests past.

Each classroom had a coatroom that had been changed into a bathroom.

Upstairs common space.

More upstairs common space. Principals office to the left.

Looking down the stairs. Class pictures hang on the wall to the left.

Downstairs common space.

Dining room.

The room I stayed in used to be an old maintenance work room. (or so I'm told by some of my family that had stayed there before). It was "The Cowboy Room" and it was decked out in everything western. So cute. It was not nearly as big as the classrooms - but a perfect size for one person.

It had a private bathroom as well with a clawfoot tub (not pictured).

Oh yea, We can't forget Breakfast. YUM!

This is the place to checkout if you ever need to stay in the Globe area!

Have you ever stayed in a Bed and Breakfast?  


  1. What a fabulous place! If I ever get out that way I need to stay there.
    I've stayed at a few B&B's and always enjoyed them.

  2. wow! what a cool place!! from the table settings to the chalkboards!! love it!!

  3. I love Miami/Globe. We drove up there often to visit family.

    Oh my goodness that place looks awesome! How cool is that school? Hmmmm I wonder if any of my cousins went there when it was a school.

  4. Cool! Love that it is a renovated school house. We stayed at a B&B in Colorado when I was in college - with my sisters and parents. It was fun but my Dad had me convinced the place was haunted....old wells and stuff! EEEEEK!

  5. What a cool idea! And they did a great job on the decor.

  6. Great historical place to stay -- glad you posted this. I love staying at B&B's. When Mom and I took a trip to see the fall foliage back East, we stayed in B&B's. Sometimes they're hard to find if you arrive at night. The breakfasts are always delicious.

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