Tuesday, October 16, 2012

World Wide Photo Walk - Pictures!

Okay, time to show you some pictures from the World Wide Photo Walk I went to in Miami, AZ on Saturday. I took a TON of pictures, it took me a while to go through them. Miami is a  mining town, most of it old. There were a LOT of run down abandoned buildings and not many people around... so it made a great day for shooting.

We all gathered at a little corner park. When I was getting out of the car, two ladies with cameras in hand asked me if I was with a camera group? They were wondering why all these people were wondering around with cameras. It just so happened that they had come to Miami that morning to take pictures and had no clue what the World Wide Photo Walk was. Great timing on their part. They were able to join our group of 25. The group did some brief introductions and we then made our way milling about town taking pictures.

Feel free to breeze through some of what I snapped pictures of below:


  1. Great shots Erika! Have you picked one to enter into the contest yet?

  2. Where is Miami Erika? The pictures are wonderful.