Monday, November 26, 2012

A Classic Micro

Here is a classic micro geocache. If you haven't see one yet, you haven't been geocaching long enough!

Geocache Classic

Geocache Classic

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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Grandfather Mountain

I had my trip all planned to go to go see my sisters and then I found out one of my friends from high school was moving to the same area. She had only been there a week or two before I got there and luckily we were able to meet up! Our destination was Grandfather Mountain.

It was a bit of a drive, but the view was worth it. North Carolina mountains are much different than here in AZ! There was a lot of fall foliage on the drive up, but the mountain itself was lacking. I'm thinking the reason for that was the .... SNOW. Hurrican Sandy had brought some to the area, and we spotted (and had to walk through) some in the shady spots.

My older sister, who lives in Florida took a moment to enjoy the snow...
From Swany's Iphone

We parked at one of the lower parking lots, had lunch and then hiked a half a mile up to the swinging bridge. That part really killed me. I'm just not good at extreme inclines (and sans inhaler)! ... But we eventually made it. The hike up took us under the bridge.

From Swany's Iphone

Once we reached the "top" we spent some time going over the bridge and taking in the sights. The swinging bridge is 1 mile above sea level. ...And also an Earthcache ;-)

Looking Back 
From Swany's Iphone 

After our time on the bridge we to another trail that took us up, and then down again to the parking to where our cars were. That one was much easier... but just as scenic!

Though my sisters dog is gigantic, it is vary hard for him to go up and down easily... but he was a trooper. He also got a LOT of attention on the trail.

Fun time was had by all!!

Grandfaher Mountain 

Bamboo Room

I grabbed a couple of caches at local university while I was in South Carolina. I think this cache might have been my favorite of the whole trip. The video might make you a little dizzy and the But it was such a neat location!

Bamboo Room

I stood in the bamboo room for a while... I thought I'd never find the cache. I had to reassure myself and ask my self a few questions...
What looks out of place?
     What looks like it doesn't belong?
          Where is the color slightly off?
               Where is the fake piece of bamboo?

A h  H A

Bamboo Room Bamboo Room
How cute. A little bamboo door!!

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Saturday, November 17, 2012


I went to this cool little spot in NC to grab an earth cache. I realized when I got there though, that I had forgotten the info I needed to "find" the cache. I took pictures hoping I might be able to claim the cache with the pictures.... but when I looked up the cache page later it was apparent I wouldn't be able to get my smiley. There was some measuring that had to be done. Next time I'm in the area I guess! I thought I'd go ahead and share some of the pictures though. The county park was in the middle of a neighborhood and the rocks seamed to pop up out of nowhere. It was a neat and very random place.




Whats really sad is all the vandalism! People have spray painted the rocks and the solution to cover that is MORE paint. :-/


No smiley, but a great location!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Anne Springs Close Greenway

I've been on vacation in South Carolina reuniting with the siblings the past few days. While my younger sister (Lisa) had to work on Friday... Sara, Falcor and I decided to do some geocaching.

We went to Anne Springs Close Greenway and ended up  hiked a little longer than anticipated. We were not as prepared as we should have been (no water) but we made it! ...and we found a couple of caches on the way!

This park was really nice and very quiet. We only passed one person along the way. The trails were well maintained and there were some really cool swinging bridges along the way. I think we ended up crossing three different ones.

Swinging Bridge
Sara and Falcor
Swinging Bridge

Watching her gigantic dog on the bridge for the first time was pretty cool. I'm trying to get the video from her... I'll post it when/if I get it. It was really great to have a chance to experience some FALL weather. Even though it was the tail end of the leaves changing, I still got my fill. I love the colors and the crunching leaves under my feet!



We ended up getting one traditional cache and one earth cache at a representation of an old mill.



Falcor is sitting on one of the mill stones below!

Falcore on Mill Stone

Friday, November 2, 2012

What the Frog!?

Whipped up these bad boys last night. I've been working midnights the past couple weeks. Stitching and tv seem to be the only options when I'm off - since I'm still up in the dead of night. Well, that and playing on my new Kindle Fire HD. I freaking LOVE that thing. My laptop has become more of a desktop these days. It's very temperamental and has zero battery life.... so its nice to be a little more Mobile.

Latest Dish Towels

Latest Dish Towels

The last time I used the satin DMC floss, I told myself never again ... but as you can see I used it on this project. So now... It's in the trash so I really never use it again. It's just too difficult to work with. I used multi colors on the letters to use up some "extras" from other projects - it worked out great and cleaned out my stash a little bit!

I realize these towels are not very kid friendly, so they will most likely go to someone with out little ones.... and someone who is not easily offended.

Okay time for question of the day....
What is your favorite curse word? And if you don't cuss, do you have alternative cuss word you like to use?