Saturday, November 17, 2012


I went to this cool little spot in NC to grab an earth cache. I realized when I got there though, that I had forgotten the info I needed to "find" the cache. I took pictures hoping I might be able to claim the cache with the pictures.... but when I looked up the cache page later it was apparent I wouldn't be able to get my smiley. There was some measuring that had to be done. Next time I'm in the area I guess! I thought I'd go ahead and share some of the pictures though. The county park was in the middle of a neighborhood and the rocks seamed to pop up out of nowhere. It was a neat and very random place.




Whats really sad is all the vandalism! People have spray painted the rocks and the solution to cover that is MORE paint. :-/


No smiley, but a great location!


  1. That is a really cool spot. I really love the second photo. Too bad you couldn't claim the cache. I am now a subscriber here. Visit laugh-quotes if you have a chance.

  2. I hate when people do that with the dang spray paint. Now I'm going to the cache page to find out more about the rocks - very interesting.

  3. i LOVE those rocks...boulders & the hugging of the tree!! =)

    oh i hate it when i see all the vandalism...and the garbage...i just can't understand WHY people would do that!