Saturday, November 24, 2012

Grandfather Mountain

I had my trip all planned to go to go see my sisters and then I found out one of my friends from high school was moving to the same area. She had only been there a week or two before I got there and luckily we were able to meet up! Our destination was Grandfather Mountain.

It was a bit of a drive, but the view was worth it. North Carolina mountains are much different than here in AZ! There was a lot of fall foliage on the drive up, but the mountain itself was lacking. I'm thinking the reason for that was the .... SNOW. Hurrican Sandy had brought some to the area, and we spotted (and had to walk through) some in the shady spots.

My older sister, who lives in Florida took a moment to enjoy the snow...
From Swany's Iphone

We parked at one of the lower parking lots, had lunch and then hiked a half a mile up to the swinging bridge. That part really killed me. I'm just not good at extreme inclines (and sans inhaler)! ... But we eventually made it. The hike up took us under the bridge.

From Swany's Iphone

Once we reached the "top" we spent some time going over the bridge and taking in the sights. The swinging bridge is 1 mile above sea level. ...And also an Earthcache ;-)

Looking Back 
From Swany's Iphone 

After our time on the bridge we to another trail that took us up, and then down again to the parking to where our cars were. That one was much easier... but just as scenic!

Though my sisters dog is gigantic, it is vary hard for him to go up and down easily... but he was a trooper. He also got a LOT of attention on the trail.

Fun time was had by all!!

Grandfaher Mountain 


  1. This one does look tough - but pretty! I love your silhouette shots!

  2. Grandfather Mountain is a great place to visit. The views from the top is amazing.

  3. Looking this place up - this looks awesome!

  4. OH MAN, this is right up my alley! I want to go and see all this awesomeness for myself! Thanks for sharing it here!

  5. aaaaah, beautiful!! love the views AND the gigantic doggie!! =:)