Friday, November 2, 2012

What the Frog!?

Whipped up these bad boys last night. I've been working midnights the past couple weeks. Stitching and tv seem to be the only options when I'm off - since I'm still up in the dead of night. Well, that and playing on my new Kindle Fire HD. I freaking LOVE that thing. My laptop has become more of a desktop these days. It's very temperamental and has zero battery life.... so its nice to be a little more Mobile.

Latest Dish Towels

Latest Dish Towels

The last time I used the satin DMC floss, I told myself never again ... but as you can see I used it on this project. So now... It's in the trash so I really never use it again. It's just too difficult to work with. I used multi colors on the letters to use up some "extras" from other projects - it worked out great and cleaned out my stash a little bit!

I realize these towels are not very kid friendly, so they will most likely go to someone with out little ones.... and someone who is not easily offended.

Okay time for question of the day....
What is your favorite curse word? And if you don't cuss, do you have alternative cuss word you like to use?

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  1. I try to keep cussing to a minimum - but sometimes... well, sometimes there just isn't any substitute! My favorite comes from my dad - "bullshaviki" I even wrote a blog post about it..