Monday, December 31, 2012

A Year In Review - 2012

While the blog has been lacking this year, I've still managed to post when I can... It has been my least active year to date with a measly 92 posts. Mostly I've posted projects I've completed, which I realize gets a little boring to look at. I'll try to be more interesting in 2013 ;-)

In January I went caching and hit my head on a damn dam.

In February I visited a cemetery in Florence and made some Mustache Valentines.

In March I failed miserably at a Pinterest related "craft."

In April I made an awesome Pac Man shirt and dabbled in amigurumi.

In May I was fairly absent, but managed to post a lot of Wordless Wednesday posts.

In June I found my 1000th geocache.

In July I cached to and from California with my mom to visit family, made some star garland and also made house warming gift for my newly engaged (and now married) sister.

In August I  visited the grand canyon (Part 1, Part 2), which in my opinion was the highlight of the year!

In September I bitched a little about Pinterest.

In October I went up to globe, Stayed in a B&B, participated in the World Wide Photo Walk, and found a cool earthcache.

In November I reunited with friends and family and took a little trek up Grandfather Mountain.

In December I chopped off my hair and made a super cute Hello Kitty hat.


  1. HAPPY new year...may it be filled with all good things!!

  2. All things considered, you did great! Happy New Year Erika, I hope 2013 is your best year yet!