Friday, December 21, 2012

Locks for Love

I grew my hair out for Locks of Love...

Photo 10

  ....and chopped it off a week or two ago.

Now it ready to be sent off  to someone that can use it a little more.
Photo 20

I'm not a BIG fan of my newly short hair(or this picture).... but it will be grown out before I know it ;-)

Have you ever donated your hair? 


  1. I have never donated but always thought I would like to. If only my hair were healthy enough.

  2. Oh by the way I love your new hair cut. I have been thinking about cutting mine shorter.

  3. Good for you! My hair doesn't grow long enough for that. I think the new cut is cute!

  4. What an awesome thing to do! Your short cut looks cute too.

  5. Yay! I've done it twice.

    Took me close to 3 years to grow it out this time so I decided I'm gonna hang onto my long hair and enjoy it before I donate it again.

    Love your new haircut. Always takes me awhile to get used to it as well.

  6. what a nice thing for you to do...

    i guess it sure would be a shock to see those long locks hit the floor!! but as you say, it'll grow back!!

    good for you!! a wonderful gift to give!!

  7. Atta girl! Great cause!

  8. PS..your short hair is WAY cuter than you think, lol.

    just sayin'..

  9. I love the new look!

    And that's so awesome of you to donate it. I had my hair really long as a kid, but when we cut it, I didn't know about donating it. I haven't ever been able to tolerate it long enough to even get close to donating since then. :(

  10. Yep, I donated my hair once. Your new cut is cute!

  11. Reading your post is making me nervous, Erika. I'm just about to cut my locks off for my first donation. On the plus side, though, it's the height of summer here so short hair will be a bonus (and I'm tired of shutting my tresses in the car door or the puppy standing on them).