Friday, August 24, 2012

August Stitch Along

I ran across a blog that has a "Stitch Along" every month... and I decided to participate for August.

As you do your project you post pictures in a group on flickr.

Here is mine. I changed it a lot from the original pattern and decided to go Christmas-y.

WIP - Feeling Stitchy Stitch Along

WIP - Feeling Stitchy Stitch Along

WIP - Feeling Stitchy Stitch Along

Anddddd the finish project, which changed as I went ;-)

Other August Stitch Alongs:

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Grand Canyon Day 2

I woke up at sunrise, got ready for the day and went to the nearby cafe for breakfast. For $11 I had 2 slices of mediocre French toast, some crappy potatoes and delicious orange juice. Where is an IHOP when you need one?

I wanted to catch the early morning sun on the Canyon so I went up to Mather Point. As expected, it was beautiful.

After shooting a few pictures I went back to the campground for my iPod. It had all my cache information, and since I had planned a few virtuals - I need it!

Next I drove to the visitor center, hopped on the blue line bus and took it to the red line. The red line goes where you can't go in your car... and to all the virtuals along the rim. Once you've paid admission to the Grand Canyon, all the buses are free!

As you can see. I got all four virtuals. The ones I was going after anyway.... I'm definitely not one of those geocachers that HAS to get ALL of the just because I'm there. Gotta do what you want and just save the rest for next time ;-)

It was a beautiful section of the canyon. There were several views of the Colorado River. You could see rapids and even hear it in some sections. I'm sure all the rain from the day before helped too!

Colorado River from GC

Colorado River from GC

After I found the caches, I went back to my campsite for a shower and a nap ;-)

Then I was headed east on the south rim. I made a couple of stops at a few vistas along the way to the Watchtower at Desert View. I didn't go up the tower.... because lets face it - 86 steps at that altitude is killer.

More amazing than the view, was this CRAZY NPS worker. Hammerin' away on the EDGE of a MILE deep CANYON with NO ROPES.

Man on a Ledge 
I really hope those guys get paid well....

My evening ended with a little downpour and then a little bit of sunshine before it went down...


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Grand Canyon Day 1

I opted to camp while visiting the Grand Canyon. It was way cheaper than a hotel. $18 bucks a night. Can't beat that!

After paying my park fee, I went straight to my campground. I arrived at around 1:30pm (check-in was 12), got my little pass, headed to my campsite... annnd there were people in spot 209 - my spot. They had a tent up and everything. I asked the lady there "are you coming or going?" she gave me a weird look and then looked for her husband, who then in an accent said, "We will be gone in 30 minutes." I was a little peeved so I went to the office. The ranger said he had talked to the couple and 15 minutes ago they said they would be gone in 15 minutes - he was pissed too, so he went to talk to them again. the meantime, I decided to go find that thing I came for... the GRAND CANYON.

This was my fist look...

(click photo to view large)

Absolutely beautiful! We've all seen it in pictures.... but they are nothing like the real thing. You don't get that weak in your knees feeling - which I got. I don't even have a problem with heights but I was trembling a bit! I quickly got over that - but wow. Beautiful. Amazing. Go. See. It. Now.

I did head back to the campground after snapping a few pictures. I just wanted to get everything set up so I wouldn't have to worry about it later. The people were gone. Thank goodness, because I might have "helped" them pick up the pace.

I selected a nice place for my tent. Not too muddy and late afternoon shade (though not in this picture).

I kept camp pretty simple. It was just me and it made tear down go a lot faster. 


I slept on a borrowed cot. Which made all the difference - Because as you will see, I went back out and weather was definitely on its way.

The Canyon..

I had a little time for a campfire and book. 


This is what I've dubbed my "Girl Fire." That's about all the effort I was going/needed to put into it.

Girl Fire

I had one citronella candle burning nearby... and I would like to mention, I didn't put one drop of bug-spray on the whole trip and never got any bug-bites! That has got to be some kid of record.

Soon enough, the storm started rolling in and I put out my fire...

The thunder was SO loud and the lightning was practically in my face. I didn't feel safe in the tent so I stayed in the car listing to The Moth podcasts on my Ipod.... For an hour and a half! Eek. I also got bored and started playing with my camera.

Bored Bored

The thunder and lighting moved off into the distance and I made my way to the tent for some reading and rest. The storm didn't stop until well after I was asleep in the tent. I remember unzipping the tent at one point and seeing a beautiful night sky filled with stars.

And that is the end to day one! More to come...

Monday, August 20, 2012


I took a walk in the woods yesterday a little north of Flagstaff at a park I don't remember the name of. I was looking for a cache- but I never found it. I'm still glad I stopped and had a look around though. I was able to get some fungi pictures. Not something you run across often (or at all) in the deserts of Tucson.

For some reason, I was really liking the black and white. In fact, I'm still liking it. I seem to go though black and white phases every now and again.

Anyway, here's what I found:



Not Eggs


And that last one I do have to show you in color also...


I love looking at mushrooms... but as far as eating them - No way! Do you like to eat mushrooms?

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Chapel of the Holy Dove

I took a little trip to a big place this weekend. The GRAND CANYON. I'd never been, so I figured I better go. With a new job starting soon - It may be a while before I can take a vacation again.

The drive from Tucson is about 5.5 hours. I took the scenic route and only had a handful of caches for the whole weekend planned. I wanted to relax, take pictures and enjoy the view. I did a whole lot of that and it was great.... But I wish I would have put more caches IN my GPS. Even if I wasn't going to GET all of them I could have used it for reference when I stopped for other things.

For example I wouldn't have missed the cache near this Chapel I stopped to take pictures at...

Holy Dove

I passed this building and immedately did a U-turn.

Holy Dove

Such and odd shape....

Holy Dove

Holy DoveHoly Dove

Here is the view inside...

Hole Dove

Such a CUTE little place with a great view! I can imagine it as a beautiful wedding spot (though I think I'd have to deck it out a little more.)  Kind of reminds me of the All Creeds Chapel near a previous geocaching find.

So going back to what I was talking about in the beginning of this post... There is a geocache here. and I didn't know it. Grrr.

I've always said "Geocaching takes me to neat locations I wouldn't otherwise see" ...this is kind of the reverse... "This is a neat location, there should be a cache here."

I had to go add a note to the cache page since I know the cache owner.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Mom

My Mother has been admiring all my beautiful stitching.... so I decided to make her a little something for her birthday!

Happy Birthday Momma!

It kind of got wrinkly round the letters when I rinsed it and it wouldn't iron out :-/ I don't think you really notice it unless I point it out.


Monday, August 6, 2012

Movin' on Up

I had a job interview 2 months ago. I found out I had made "the list," but other than that... I hadn't heard anything. So I kind of gave up. I figured if they hire more later and use the list, maybe I'll be next. I kept applying for a more desirable position within the department....

So there I was Thursday. Filing my life away.

The phone rang.

I answered.

I had finally got it:

Yep, my "get out of jail free" card. That's right folks. I got the job!!!!! (And if you didn't know I had been working in a jail. I don't really talk about work here on the good ol' blog because if I dwelled too much on it I might go insane. Gotta keep things light here! This is my HAPPY place.) Anyway- I don't start the new job right away, but soon. I can't wait. Training will be interesting and I'm excited to learn some new things. Its a stressful job (Dispatcher) and I have a feeling that after training I'm not going to have the best shift and days off.... butttt you get paid a tiny bit more for working the late shift - I'm cool with that!

I'm going to be allowed to bring metal silverware, ceramic dishes, use real scissors and keep my phone in my purse. Its the little things people, the little things that make a difference!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Travel Bug Round Up

I've had my deal of fun and frustration with travel bugs. I love sending new ones out, setting awesome goals with high hopes... And I hate the ones that are held hostage or worse - in a cache while it went missing.

Anyway. I was just having a look at my TBs and I thought I'd makeup a little leader board.

Rank TB Miles Traveled Status
1 Erika Jean (T-Shirt TB)

9887 mi Active
2 10 10 10 Powers of Ten Multi Event Geocoin 8517 mi Active
3  Forest Preserves 5263 mi Active
4 Catch a Glimpse (Car TB) 3743 mi Active
5 Daredevil 3701 mi Active
6 Roadkill 2457 mi Active
7 Ally Gator 2417 mi Missing
8 Henrietta the Holy Cow 1484 mi Missing
9 Make Your Mark 1265 mi Missing
10 Wally the Warthog 1020 mi Missing
11 Monkees 373 mi Missing
12 Peregrine Falcon 2 mi Missing
So yeah. 50% of my TB are MISSING! I need to re-release a couple I think.... Henrietta the Holy Cow was already a replacement - which has also gone missing. So frustrating! I think I'll just keep re-releasing my lost TBs rather than buying anymore... because as you can see - I haven't had much luck with them!