Monday, January 21, 2013

Birthday Afghan


I was pretty quiet the first half of January, this afghan is the reason for that! It took me a total of 13 days. Not too bad for only working on it in my free time... but I'm not saying I want to attempt that again anytime soon.
Just a Little Something...

The hands and wrists held up, but I got down right SICK of crocheting at times. This is my first complete blanket and I think it turned out pretty well.  It was a very simple pattern, that can be found here.


Yep. This afghan was a gift! I hope it will make a warm and cozy addition to Stephanie's home. A perfect gift for a January Birthday!


  1. I love it! NICE job. I started an afghan back in SEPTEMBER... Uh-huh. Not moving very quickly.

  2. What an awesome afghan! I am not the best crocheter, but I can knit up a storm. I think I will give that pattern to my mom. She loves to crochet. So nice!!!