Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Coin Winner

Here is the winner of the Yuma Mega Coin....

If that's you, please leave a comment with your address so that I can send you your prize! The comment will NOT be published ;-)

I shot this quick little video in front of my rock scorpion I got in Gila, on the way to Mega


  1. Congrats to the winner - what a nice prize!

  2. Congratulations Inga!
    What's that Inga? You want ME to accept your prize for you?????OH,
    OK, Erika, just send it to me and I'll make sure Inga get's it, LOL;)
    I like the legal team of Scorpion,Scorpion and Hucksterism overseeing the official drawing! Very cleaver. I want one of those scorpions, they'r cool!

  3. That's super cool - rock scorpions are a lot better than real scorpions.