Thursday, February 14, 2013

Mega "Warm-up" Event

My first cache in Yuma was the warm-up event on Saturday. I was expecting it to be inside, so I just tossed on my flip flops (the go-to shoe of this Arizonan) and headed out. That was a big mistake. We ended up being out on the patio, it became overcast and the wind was a blowin'! BRrrrrrr.... or should I say ARRRrggggg!?

Arrrggg      Arrrggg

The event started at 3pm and I only lasted until 4pm! I missed most of the cachers that I knew because they all came late... but I got to meet a lot of new people  (Including Ginny of Team Stevecat, who wrote Hiding in Plain Sight). There were a lot of AZ and CA cachers in attendance.

Signed in! 


After I left the event I grabbed the cache that was out front and toured the parking lot for travel bugs! The vehicle TB has definitely caught on. There were SO many and mine was logged SO many times!  I probably spent a good 30 minutes out there snapping pictures. I do that instead of writing them down.... That way I save my self some time and don't lose the paper ;-)


I thought after that last picture it would be a good time to mention that there were a lot of snowbirds at the Yuma events!!

I went back to the hotel after the event to warm up and relax. I figured more caching could be done Sunday and Monday......

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  1. AWESOME!!!! Very cool post! I wish I was there!