Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Geocaching Swag

Podcaher posed a question on Facebook.... What is the best and worst swag you have found in a cache? For me, the worst... Firecrackers & a lighter. Now they were not in the same cache, but this is a  desert and it tends to be very dry and flammable!! I've also opened a cache with a small broken bubble container in it. What a slimy mess!

As for the best. I love coming across the woodcutter's wood cuts. Here are the one's I've found!




Now here is my question, what do you absolutely HATE finding in caches? For me it has to be business cards...even if they have your caching name and location on them. NO ONE WANTS them and they just end up trashin' up the cache. Also, they do NOT count as SWAG at ALL. If you want to say you were there so bad how about a token, or pathtag?  ...so save your money on the business cards.... cause I just take them home and throw them away :-P


  1. I can't stand finding things like food, anything in bottles and things like lighters.

    I like finding sig items and they are my favorites. I don't like all the cards, but I do take some. There are some really, really nice ones. And as somebody who collects sig items, they count. I know many people who actually really like them. So to say nobody want them wouldn't be correct. Now, when I see ones of businesses and things like that, I agree. No place. But to take any and all cards out of a cache -- if they are sig items -- and throw them away doesn't seem too nice, especially if they aren't in bad shape. But I will agree that they have more of a chance to get wet, nasty and really muck up a cache. I would definitely encourage people to get different items, but I do appreciate some cards (especially those who have them laminated!)

    I've picked up some great sig items over the years though and that's, without a doubt, the best things I pull out. I love looking at them (I keep them all in a large ammo can) because I truly remember a lot of where I got them. I just wish more people did sig items because it seems rare to come across them anymore.

  2. I hate business cards and any type of food or gum. What are they thinking??

    Best things I ever got out of a cache? a $ 20.00 bill and a solid silver bracelet.

  3. I found several of the woodcutter's wood cuts when I was living in AZ. One was a roadrunner. I also won a large woodcut at a meetup that was a coyote. A few of the other cool things I found were a necklace with handmade clay cat beads, a cool enameled coin with a compass rose (I thought it was a geocoin at first but it wasn't) and magnet from the grocery store chain I grew up with (everyone else would probably think it was junk but it had sentimental value for me).

    The worst? Lots of leaky liquids, at least one lighter, melted candy (even if it didn't melt, who would eat cache candy?), corroded batteries... Most recently I found a burst clothing stain pen in a cache that had completely ruined the log. I always try to throw away anything that is or looks like it soon will be a hazard.

  4. I toss out the ones that are all bent nasty and buried in the bottom- which happens to be most of them most of the time. I wouldn't throw a laminated one away, but the again I've never seen one. ;-)

    I do like signature items, and have a small stash myself! I still don't think sig items count as swag though, but that is just my opinion. ;-) I just don't see taking an item in trade of a self promoting signature item. Maybe sig item for sig item i guess...

  5. I agree. I don't use sig items as swag, I use them as sig items. I will trade sig items for sig items though. But I see people trading cheaper sig items for decent swag and it's annoying.

    That being said, I rarely trade swag.