Sunday, June 30, 2013

Cacti and Project Updates

So I have this problem. Every time I go to Lowe's I buy a cacti. I can't help it. They are so little, cute and cheap. Here is the one that has most recently bloomed.

Rose Quartz

I also wanted to share some project updates... I have been making more birthday shirts. So far this year have done two 5's, a 2, a 3 & a 1(pictured below) 


I have also done another hexigon for the summer stitching project. I am one behind... but hope to catch up on an upcoming vacation.

Summer Stitching Project

That all there is to report for now!


  1. i can relate to your cacti obsession. like you plants & easy to care for too!

    i haven't been in blog land for a's good to see you're still doing that creative stitching stuff! i'm wondering what that hexagon stitching project is...?