Saturday, June 1, 2013


I'll plant a garden. No big deal. Dig, plant, wait and water daily. Easy peasy.

Yea right!

I'm still having fun with the garden but I've been fighting aphids for weeks now. I go out every evening and blast them off with the hose. Then I spray the soil with soapy water to kill them. I know a lot of people spray the soapy water right on the leaves to kill the aphids... but I've also read a lot of stories where people have burned their plants (too much soap) - I'm too worried that is what would happen to me. My blasting method has been working and their numbers have drastically declined but they are still there. At least they only seem to like the pepper plant and I'm not having to worry about the other plants.... Well, with aphids anyway.


I've been super successful with the bush beans, and I will most certainly plant them again. The leaves are looking a little sad (too hot I'm guessing), but the beans are still growing great!


I was having some success with my tomatoes... I harvested two and even had one in a salad.

Then the birds found them.... I lost 2 that were turning red and 2 green ones for a total of 4 lost.

For the Birds

So now I'm fighting the birds too.

And as we've seen, it apparently this net likes lizards too :-/

The stinkin' birds are even after my mom's ice plant. 


I guess they just want the water, but LEAVE MY PLANTS ALONE BIRDS AND BUGS! Please?

Do you have any gardening enemies? 


  1. I know the bugs and birds are aggravating, but all the hard work is worth it when you're eating something you grew yourself.

    We used to have a huge garden, but I don't have the time or energy for it anymore. This year I only have 3 tomato plants, a few green pepper plants and a few hot pepper plants. Better than nothing.

    1. Yes, agreed. Better than nothing ;-) you have just about as much as I do... and just this small amount itself is hard, can't imagine tending to any MORE ;-)