Saturday, July 20, 2013

Carlsbad Caverns

On the way home from Texas my Mom and I took a detour.... It made our trip and hour or two longer, but it was so worth it! I've never been in a cave like this, It was gigantic!

There are no words to describe how beautiful this place was, so you'll just have to check out the pictures and use you imagination. The pictures aren't spectacular, but I'm impressed with my little point & shoot camera...



Carlsbad Caverns


A River Runs Through It

Water Feature

NM Cave

Bat Cave
We took the Kings Palace tour. It was a great tour but I definitely recommend getting tickets online ahead of time like we did. They sold out while we were waiting in line. There is also a virtual geocache inside the cave (not pictured because it'd give it away!)

Have you ever been in a cave? When? where?

Sunday, July 14, 2013

East Bound to Texas

My Mother and I decided to drive to Texas for the family reunion. The total drive time is right around 15 hours. We decided to break it up into two days. We left after work on Tuesday, July 2 and made our way from Tucson, AZ to Las Cruces, NM in about 4 hours. We just barely missed a dust storm and monsoon on the way.


We stayed in a Holiday Inn Express. Everything was nice, except for the view from our room...

After stopping for the night, we had 11 hours ahead of us the following day.


We only grabbed two caches. One was a traditional and the other a virtual.




The virtual (Davy Who?) was in Crockett County in the cute town of Ozona, TX. Crockett county was named in honor of Davy Crockett, who was "A member of the United States Congress, from Tennessee and killed in the Alamo." Being a virtual, you had to get certain information(not included in this post) from the monuments to answer the questions. If your answers are correct you can claim the cache as found.



We passed some burning trees and brush along the highway around dusk. As it got later into the night we watched a beautiful lightning storm in the distance. We almost made it there without getting lost... my mom had to ask a police officer for directions to my aunts. Thank goodness for small towns! Turns out we were in the right spot after all - it's just too dark in the middle of nowhere... 

Summer Stitching Project

Wild Olive Summer Stitching Club

This week I stitched three hexagons to catch up. I got a little behind with preparing for vacation, going on vacation and making it back from vacation ;-) I knew there would be little time to work on my project while in TX, so I didn't even bother to bring it with me.

Wild Olive Summer Stitching Club

Some of my hexies seem to have slightly diferent fabric colors... but I had use yellow card stock for the back of some of the hexies when I started... since that was all I could find...

Wild Olive Summer Stitching Club

Most of my stitching is done on the bus, on my 15 min. breaks, on my hour lunch break and at home after work. It is the perfect small project to take anywhere!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Well, Hello There

My 4th of July was spent in the middle of nowhere. Where's that you ask? Its about an hour south of Houston, and my Aunt lives there - smack dab in the middle of the middle of nowhere.


Our family gathers around the 4th every year for a family reunion. Our family reunion is dubbed "Sisters" because the 3 sisters take turns hosting the entire family.

Mom, Aunt Kathy & Aunt Trish

We have two main Sisters traditions. A few games of LCR  with $1 bills (if you haven't ever played it your are missing out!) and a puzzle or two.


Members of our family seem to have a problem with "hide the last piece for yourself!"

My Aunt's property shares a border with the community center, so we had awesome seats and a unique view of the fireworks.

The show behind the show...

There was also some skeet shootin'. I didn't do too bad but my cousins are way better ;-) I just had to try the "big" gun (I know nothing about guns) and I have a killer bruise to prove it! ouch!

It was good to see everyone (we had 17 of us from Arizona, California, Texas and Michigan) and we missed those that couldn't make it (Sara, Lisa, Jimmy, Anthony, Ashton)