Thursday, July 11, 2013

Well, Hello There

My 4th of July was spent in the middle of nowhere. Where's that you ask? Its about an hour south of Houston, and my Aunt lives there - smack dab in the middle of the middle of nowhere.


Our family gathers around the 4th every year for a family reunion. Our family reunion is dubbed "Sisters" because the 3 sisters take turns hosting the entire family.

Mom, Aunt Kathy & Aunt Trish

We have two main Sisters traditions. A few games of LCR  with $1 bills (if you haven't ever played it your are missing out!) and a puzzle or two.


Members of our family seem to have a problem with "hide the last piece for yourself!"

My Aunt's property shares a border with the community center, so we had awesome seats and a unique view of the fireworks.

The show behind the show...

There was also some skeet shootin'. I didn't do too bad but my cousins are way better ;-) I just had to try the "big" gun (I know nothing about guns) and I have a killer bruise to prove it! ouch!

It was good to see everyone (we had 17 of us from Arizona, California, Texas and Michigan) and we missed those that couldn't make it (Sara, Lisa, Jimmy, Anthony, Ashton)


  1. hey erika! looks like a nice 4th!
    family coming together...from all over!

    that's a nice house for being in the middle of least everybody found this nowhere place! =)