Monday, October 28, 2013

107 Geocaches

I beat my previous record of 105 caches in one day.... On Saturday I went out with a group of cachers and together we found 106 caches! Because the caches were all puzzle caches, I was able to claim my smiley on a challenge cache as well, making the grand total 107.

I wanted to share a couple of resources for those of you that hate logging after a long day of caching. I am not a fan of logging caches after a day like that! The Geocaching Express Logger certainly made things go a lot faster.

Also if your big into discovering travel bugs, like myself Log Them All! is another good resource. I've yet to use this one, but hopefully it saves time too!

There was some nice geoart in the area of where I was caching Sunday, I thought I'd go ahead and share that too (click the picture to take you to the cache on



This one wasn't close by, but since Halloween is right around the corner....



  1. Nice geoart. I logged 120 caches one day on my own but it´s much more fun doing it together.

  2. That is AWESOME! Our best MONTH ever was last August and we did 114 caches for the month, so this really shows what a feat this was that you did. Fantastic!

  3. Very cool! A caching group in our area did something similar using the geocaching "G" and it contains one or more of each type of geocache available to hide. Even a Wereigo! I haven't found them yet but I'm anxious to go! Nice!