Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas Makes

It's that time of year.... the amount of craft projects start piling up. So far I've made two blankets (forgot to snap a picture), two pillows & some gift card holders. Most of my projects have been fairly simple but I always feel like I am running out of time! I still have one (or two, I haven't decided) dish towels left to embroider. Since I have to mail those, they are going to be late for Christmas :-(

I wanted to share the pillows I made today, they were SO quick and easy to make. They turned out way better than I had imagined! You can find a good tutorial HERE. I used 12x12 inch pillows because I though they'd be good for traveling or for at home on the couch too. I used flannel and added some satin trim to the pink one.

back Front

Front Back

Below are the gift card holders I made. The one on the left was may first attempt (and super crooked). My mom did middle one (the BEST one of course). I had no template for these but enjoyed making them during my lunch hour Friday.  I'll I had to do is stitch the sides together when I got home!

Gift Card Holders


  1. Everything is super cute. I love home made gifts.

  2. Cute! I bet your friends & family love getting homemade stuff from you!

  3. the card holders are so cute. Do the pillows have zip closures?

    1. Thanks! Nope, they are just tuck-ins.