Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Coin Winner

Here is the winner of the Yuma Mega Coin....

If that's you, please leave a comment with your address so that I can send you your prize! The comment will NOT be published ;-)

I shot this quick little video in front of my rock scorpion I got in Gila, on the way to Mega

Sunday, February 24, 2013


It could be yours!

In all the excitement that was Mega, I bought an event coin to give away here on ErikaJean.com. I thought it might be nice for a  lucky reader to have their own little piece of the Yuma Mega Event! 
Yep, that's right folks... There is an unactivated Yuma Mega Event coin up for grabs, see picture above (not the actual coin).
To enter your name in the drawing you MUST:
*Leave a comment to this post telling me the most unusual travel bug you have come across and what makes it so unusual (Was it the attached item? Was it a unique coin? did it have an interesting goal?). Be sure to include your geocaching name, e-mail, or blog link-back so I can contact you.

To earn extra entries in the drawing you can do any or all of the following:
Please be sure to leave a separate comment for each of these the entries to count.
*Twitter about this contest. You must link back to my blog, mention a contest in the tweet and use the hashtag "#ejcontest"
To make it easy, you can use the following if you would like:
"Check it out @_ErikaJean_ is giving away a #Mega geocoin from the Yuma event www.erikajean.com Ends Feb 24th! #geocaching #ejgiveaway"

*Subscribe to this blog, and tell me what method of subscribing you chose. If you are already a subscriber please tell me the method of subscribing you use - and you will earn this extra entry as well.

*Blog about this contest on your blog! You must link back to my blog and mention a contest in the post.
The fine print:
Contest closes Sunday February 24th, 2013, 12pm MST. Winner will be announced and contacted. Winner will have one week to claim prize. If the prize remains unclaimed at the end of the week, there will be a re-draw. Anyone living on planet earth with a valid mailing address is eligible, unless you are some how related to me.


Yeah, you read that title right. Mexico. I went there.... I WALKED there. The Mega event was held in Yuma, Arizona - which is a hop skip and a jump away from Mexico. So I had to go.

North America - check! 

The Monday following the Mega event I met with KennyV and attended a flash mob (still in Yuma). 70+ geocachers gathered to wave at traffic. People looked so confused. It was awesome.

After the Flash Mob we grabbed a couple challenge caches nearby (and out in the middle of nowhere at the same time). I signed the log for all of them, but only had the requirements to claim a few as officially "found."


Then it was off to Mexico... We drove into California, parked the car and then walked over the border. I would have taken pictures if it weren't for all the NO PHOTOGRAPHY signs. Booo.

My first cache in Mexico! The vendors nearby gave us a hand.


These guys don't look friendly, but they had smiles on their faces on second later. I think they were wondering what I was up to... The guy sitting down is preparing/pealing prickly pear cactus paddles - just had to snap a photo!


For one of the caches we walked up a deserted road along the border fence. The area was in desperate need of a CITO.


The cache was near the monument below.

KennyV knocking on America's door.

Spanish Stop Sign!

One of the caches was in a restaurant. We didn't stay, but we did sign the log ;-) I love the fact that this cache is "camoed" and in a restaurant.


After four caches, we headed back to the US of A!
Thanks Mexico!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Travel Bug Release

I launched two new travel bugs into the world while in Yuma. They have been discovered by many already.... I'm hoping they travel far! If you see them, please help them along...

The Dive Stick

The Dive Stick

Friday, 08 February 2013
Arizona, United States
Recently Spotted:
In Yuma Warm Up Mega Event # 10
This is not collectible.
Use TB2K66W to reference this item.
Current GOAL:

The Dive Stick would like to see the oceans, seas, ponds, lakes, rivers, creeks, pools and hot tubs of the world. Please take photos near those locations! 

Bonus points if you get an under water shot!


Travel Bug Dog Tag Pinecone

The Pinecone

Friday, 08 February 2013
Arizona, United States
Recently Spotted:
In the hands of blonds run amuck.

This is not collectible.
Use TB2K632 to reference this item.

Current GOAL:

This TB would like to visit conifers world wide.

Bonus points for pictures taken in trees!



Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sea Shells

After the Yuma Mega event and CITO I made my way back to my hotel room. I showered, took a little snooze, went for a bite to eat... and grabbed a couple of caches. I've had Sea Shells-TB Stop & Go on my to-do list for a while. Last year it made Latitude 47's Geocache of the week, and I thought it looked like a worthwhile cache.

Anyway, I'm happy to say... FOUND IT. Not that I could have missed it or anything....

Sea Shells


Sea Shells

This has got to be the BIGGEST geocache I've found so far!

Profile for ErikaJean

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Mega Day - Part 2

Yuma Mega

While wondering around the booths at the Yuma Mega event, I came across Sonny and Sandy of Podcacher. I introduced myself and took a picture with the geocelebrities.

If you haven't listened to PodCacher, what are you waiting for?! You can listen to it right on their website or check it out on itunes. I like to listen to it on road trips - while I'm caching or not. I recorded a little intro with them so you might hear me on there in the future... I'm not holding my breath, but it was still fun to do!

There was some downtime during the event... and luckily some caches nearby. KennyV and I grabbed the ones in Yuma and then strolled over to California to grab one.

(California to the left, Arizona to the right!)

There were all kinds of TBs to discover at the event. There were regular TBs, shirts, hats, signs...



....and even a Groundspeak Lackey.


S*W*A*G, the geocaching group that hosted the event provided a FREE lunch to everyone that attended. It was AMAZING. 

mega  Mmm 

Tri Tip with beans, tortilla, salsa and a delicious cookie. The cookie recipe is posted on the Mega page, I cannot wait to make some! Mmmmm!

Lunch was followed up by a raffle, where I won a sunburn. A bad one. My face is still pealing a little... After the raffle, the event was over and we immediately started the CITO. The CITO (Cache In, Trash Out) extended well beyond the section of the part we used. With so many people it was hard to find any trash. I managed to find a few small things and a lonesome shoe.


Well that is it for the Mega, but not for the weekend...........

Have you ever found anything interesting/bizarre while CITOing? Have you ever been to a CITO event?
FYI The 11th Annual Cache In Trash Out Weekend is scheduled for April 20 and 21, 2013.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Mega Day - Part 1

I finally made it to MY FIRST MEGA. It was here in my home state of Arizona.... and somehow I was able to get the day off. The event started at 9:00am on Sunday. I ended up staying at a VERY nearby hotel. All I had to do was walk out my door and go down the steps, it was awesome. I could see the event location from my window!

While I know a big part of these events is meeting new people, as a sole cacher they can be a little intimidating. So I was thrilled to see my caching pal KennyV grabbing the cache next to my hotel as I walked to the event.

 I always have a hard time with train caches, too many places to hide those micros!

We met up with RETIKON, TrekStarl and KennyV's wife. That was pretty much our "gang" for the day. We did some mingling - met a LOT of people and saw many familiar faces. We visited the booths where I got a couple things (GIVEAWAY MONDAY) and saw the OCB (origianl can of beans). For those of you that don't know, it is an item that was in the VERY FIRST EVER Geocache. I honestly don't know why people GET SO EXCITED ABOUT IT... but they do.


It's a good thing I'm not its keeper.... I'd be too tempted to crack it open and see whats growing inside.

They also had little penny picking up game with a CITO theme set up. You had to use a trash picker-upper and see how many pennies you could get in 30 seconds. I got 12. At the time the record was 15. :-(

Cito Penny Game 
The event also included a poker run (which we did not participate in) and a game they kept calling "The G Spot" over the loud speaker, I think the guy just liked saying that. Officially on the GC page I think they called it closest to the pin ;-). For that game, you plug the coordinates in you GPS and put a flag where you GPS tells you GZ is located. Closest to the actual (not marked) location wins. It wasn't me.


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Mega "Warm-up" Event

My first cache in Yuma was the warm-up event on Saturday. I was expecting it to be inside, so I just tossed on my flip flops (the go-to shoe of this Arizonan) and headed out. That was a big mistake. We ended up being out on the patio, it became overcast and the wind was a blowin'! BRrrrrrr.... or should I say ARRRrggggg!?

Arrrggg      Arrrggg

The event started at 3pm and I only lasted until 4pm! I missed most of the cachers that I knew because they all came late... but I got to meet a lot of new people  (Including Ginny of Team Stevecat, who wrote Hiding in Plain Sight). There were a lot of AZ and CA cachers in attendance.

Signed in! 


After I left the event I grabbed the cache that was out front and toured the parking lot for travel bugs! The vehicle TB has definitely caught on. There were SO many and mine was logged SO many times!  I probably spent a good 30 minutes out there snapping pictures. I do that instead of writing them down.... That way I save my self some time and don't lose the paper ;-)


I thought after that last picture it would be a good time to mention that there were a lot of snowbirds at the Yuma events!!

I went back to the hotel after the event to warm up and relax. I figured more caching could be done Sunday and Monday......

Monday, February 11, 2013

Back From Yuma

I'm back from the geocaching Mega Event in Yuma, Arizona!!

I still have caches to log and pictures to download, but here are a few things to tide you over until I get to posting....



Yuma Mayor proclaims February 10th as Geocaching Day!

Big thanks to S*W*A*G for putting on a wonderful event! Stay tuned.... I'll be posting a few pictures and there will be a GIVEAWAY!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Dual Holiday Towel

I wanted to stitch up a valentine dish towel, but hesitated because it can really only be used in February. So I put on my thinking cap and decided to go with the next holiday, the next month for the back side.

Here you have it.

Valentines on the front....

Holiday Towels

Holiday Towels

And St. Patricks day on the back...

 Holiday Towels

Hopefully that will stretch the use of this towel to two months ;-)